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League of Legends: The King of Low Elo, The History of Master Yi in Professional Play

Master Yi

Master Yi, the Wuju Bladesman, is frightening to players in low elo. His ability to do damage and snowball into mid and late game makes him a terror to those with little game knowledge and understanding of the game. In higher elo’s, the champion is all but unplayable. He is countered by early aggression and crowd control, kite back and hit him with a stun and he is all but worthless in a team fight.

Master Yi

Master Yi, The Wuju Bladesman

So, what is his history in the highest of elos? With players who understand his weaknesses and have the skills and communication to deal with him. What is Master Yi’s history in professional League of Legends?

Picks and Bans

In seasons three through nine Yi has appeared in only four of them. He has been picked 33 times and banned 76 times, making his presence in pro play a whopping 0.7 percent.

He mostly sees the rift in times of gimmick strategies, like pairing him with Taric in the mid lane in Season 8 for a time or even earlier when Kayle and Yi were an unkillable combo.

He mostly gets chosen in the jungle, where his kit suits him best, being chosen 30 times in that role. He has a win rate of 33 percent in that role. The other three times he was brought out in the mid lane. He has won two games in mid, making his win rate 66 percent.

Averages and Popularity by Region

Yi has a combined win rate of 36.4 percent with 12 wins and 21 losses. He averages a K/D/A ratio of 2.6 with an average gold per minute of 453 and damage per minute of 449. He has positive creep score difference, gold difference and experience at 15 minutes.

Yi has been most popular in LCK, seeing the rift in nine different games. He has a 55.6 percent win rate, mostly seen in jungle with the exception of two famous mid lane appearances by Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok. The Bladesman has had four games played in LPL, three in the CBLOL and two in LCS.

Best Master Yi Players

With this champion seeing the rift so little there are a lot of one-time wins and one-time losses. Only two players have more than one game on the champion and have won both, Leonardo “Robo” Souza the jungler for CNB in Brazil and Faker. Robo pulls out ahead of the best player in LoL with a 4.8 average KDA, Faker has a KDA of 4.6 on the champion.


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