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The Game Haus’ Ballot for 2020 LCS Summer Split All-Pro

Licorice, Blaber, Bjergsen, Zven and CoreJJ won First Team All-Pro for 2020 LCS Summer Split

LoL Esports revealed the winners of 2020’s Summer Split All-Pro awards for the LCS. Licorice, Blaber, Bjergsen, Zven and CoreJJ won First Team. Ssumday, Santorin, Jensen, Tactical and Vulcan won Second Team. Impact, Closer, Nisqy, FBI and IgNar won Third Team. Team Liquid won Coaching Staff of the Split, and Tactical won Rookie of the Year. Finally, CoreJJ won the Honda MVP award. For the published results check, and for all of the ballots check their PDF.

TGH’s Votes

The Game Haus pooled together votes from several members of the League of Legends writing staff before submitting the ballot. The votes turned out like this:

  • First Team All-Pro: Licorice, Santorin, Bjergsen, FBI, CoreJJ
  • Second Team All-Pro: Impact, Blaber, Jensen, Zven, Vulcan
  • Third Team All-Pro: Ssumday, Closer, Nisqy, Johnsun, IgNar
  • Coaching Staff: Team Liquid > TSM > Cloud9
  • Rookie of the Split: Johnsun > Tactical > Treatz
  • Honda MVP: CoreJJ > Bjergsen > Jensen

For the most part, TGH’s ballot included many of the same names as the final results. In fact, Tactical was the only player not included, while Johnsun made the cut. TGH, when compared to the other voters, over-valued Santorin, Impact and FBI, while under-valuing Ssumday, Blaber and Zven. All of the other players matched between TGH’s ballot and the final results.

Team Liquid won Coaching Staff of the Summer Split.
Team Liquid won Coaching Staff of the Summer Split.

TGH also matched up on the Honda MVP and Coaching Staff of the Split awards. Team Liquid made huge improvements from their ninth-place finish in Spring Split, while bringing on a brand new Head Coach. CoreJJ stood out in the regular season as far superior to the Support field. His Bard, among other champs, was a force to be reckoned with. TGH had Johnsun as Rookie of the Year, but Tactical was the second choice. Both bot laners had a breakout year.


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