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League of Legends: The Future for 100 Thieves

100 Thieves Team and Coaching Staff

It’s that time again for teams. With the removal of relegation from the LCS, teams that fell outside of the playoff picture are now in rest mode. For 100 Thieves in particular, the team and organization look to fix their Spring Split mistakes. Now that they have quite a bit of free time ahead of themselves, here are some changes that may be seen for Summer Split.

Changes Coming To The Jungle

The immediate change that will likely be seen with 100 Thieves is the Jungle position shifting players. In a recent stream, League Analyst Locodoco spoke about the importance of communication in the jungle role. “Your personality will show in the game. If you are a very quiet and reserved person, your gameplay will show that. AnDa.” While it’s possible that he could learn to become more vocal, his true nature would show in stressful moments.

100 T jungle
AnDa, 100 Thieves Jungler Photo Courtesy of LoL eSports Flickr

A Big Ten Caster, dGon, also spoke during the stream. He countered saying “It’s a personality thing, not a role thing.” Though that’s entirely true about certain roles in the game, with Jungle it’s almost impossible to stay silent. You’re constantly going to need to feed information in to your lanes and going for plays together is mandatory. From his play this split and from shots in the series 100 Thieves The Heist, AnDa seems silent. While change may come for AnDa, it seems like 100 Thieves would be better off taking an already vocal jungler elsewhere in the LCS. Though this may be the case, with their recent actions, 100 Thieves could double down on AnDa to spawn future growth out of the kid.

Splitting The Coaching Duties

Another change that 100 Thieves could do is bring a second coach in to the picture. Ryu, their former mid-laner, already helps with coaching duties on a small level. What’s likely to happen is that they introduce an on-stage coach for draft and scrimmages. In truth, introducing a second coach that talks on stage and during meetings could lead to greater player development. It’s important for them not to overshadow any work pr0lly and the team are already putting in but the introduction of a new staff member may be exactly what they need. 

100 thieves academy head coach/director
Kelsey Moser 100 Thieves Academy Head Coach Photo Courtesy of 100 Thieves Twitter

Their best bet might be someone focused around the mental health of the team. In the case of CLG, Weldon Green joined at first as a Sports Psychologist during Summer Split 2015. Focused around helping the team grow mentally and fitness wise, CLG was able to expand their teamwork and synergy on a personal level outside of the game. A Sports Psychologist could make adjustments to player health and dramatically improve synergy.

Alongside that, there’s always a chance they bring up Kelsey Moser, the Academy Director and Head Coach for the Academy team, as an analyst. Having the second voice to help Pr0lly out during scrimmages and team meetings after each weeks games. There will surely be some changes to the coaching staff in coming weeks with time off leading up to Summer Split 2019.

Blowing Up The Roster

Their biggest change to date would be to blow up the entire LCS roster. The 100 Thieves Academy team, save for prismal, will play on the LCS stage this week. FakeGod, Fragas, Soligo, Bang and Stunt will face off against CLG and Optic Gaming in the LCS this weekend. 100 Thieves have already taken the first step in replacing and altering the main roster for LCS by giving their academy team on stage experience. Not only that, but it opens up the real chance that players are not safe on the team anymore. In other words, they can be replaced by someone new. Nadeshot and management are sending a message to their main roster. Results matter and with the results of the Spring Split, they’re disappointed. 

What 100 Thieves management will do is nearly impossible to know given their results this split. For a team with their eyes set on the playoffs and more, they fell extremely short. The break leading up towards Summer has a lot in store for the Thieves and the future of their 2019 Season. They have the time, and talent, to go much much further than they did. Maybe 100 Thieves can steal their way to a better Summer Split.

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Feature Image courtesy of LoL Esports Flickr.

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