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The End of Rogue’s Run in the LEC?

Playoffs, World's, A Rogue Perspective

This coming week may be the end of Rogue. The team faces both G2 and FNATIC, while the team currently lies in a tie for fourth with Misfits. On the positive side, a tie with Misfits favors Rogue due to the head to head.  However, given the expectations on Rogue this week, losing both games puts the team at 9-7. If MAD Lions goes 1-1, Rogue and the Lions tie. That institutes the need for a potential tie breaker in Week 9.

Better Planning

Rogue prepares
Rogue – Image via Rogue’s Twitter

One of the stand out things from the games versus G2 and FNATIC the first go round, consists of Rogue’s inability to deal with the skirmish potential both teams possess. Rogue lanes fairly effectively into each of the LEC’s top teams. However, the team generally falls a step behind in terms of skirmishing. Options in front of Rogue consists of: picking comps with a earlier ‘wake time.

The point in the game where the champion peaks in power. Or becomes relevant in relation to the state of the game. Second, establish appropriate vision lines for Finn and Larssen to play straight up into their counterparts effectively. Third, prioritize trading sides of the map until the drafted composition hits its power spike. That means concede a little, but look to take cross map objectives. Enable the carries to carry, and allow Inspired to carry the team to the point where Finn and Larssen take over.

Remain Open-Minded

One of the biggest points in favor of Rogue lies in that Rogue added additional tools to the team’s tool kit. Hans Sama’s champion pool consists of few champions. The Draven and Lucian being the preeminent picks for him historically.  This flexibility allows Rogue more options going into teams such as FNATIC and G2 who possess a plethora of odd ball picks and flex picks the teams can use to gain advantages in draft. Another crucial factor in draft for Rogue lies in ensuring that certain picks are not allowed through.

The highest of priority champions, such as the Ornn, Soraka and Sett for example. Deny these picks through without capturing champions of equal power for themselves. Attempt to secure Aatrox for Finn and counter picks for Larssen. Faith exists in Finn to execute on Aatrox almost independent of matchup. Those two steps cannot be ignored in drafts this weekend.

Unleash Inspired

Rogue Inspired

Giving Inspired the ability to look for aggressive plays in the early stages of the game allows Rogue to accentuate their individual strengths in the early game and further snowball the advantage. Not to say that Selfmade and Jankos are chopped liver, but Inspired must be allowed to do his thing in the early game for Rogue to have a chance. If FNATIC and G2 decide how the game plays out, Rogue loses every time. Getting Inspired aggressive early game champions creates an entirely different beast. Inspired on the front foot opposite to the back one cannot be compared.

The end of Rogue may be a bit alarmist. However, the expectations on this team, should they lose both matches this week, means they lose control of their own destiny. At least one win this week allows Rogue to control where the team finishes for playoffs. With the changes to the system this year, every spot and every win posses greater importance. Last week, that began things for Rogue in terms of the playoff hunt. Beating MAD Lions and tying up the head to head, exactly what the doctor ordered. However, this week holds the true test. Whether that means the end of Rogue, or a greater ascension remains to be seen.

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