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The 5 Best LCS Signings or Trades of the Offseason

Bjergsen is the Human Torch of the Fantastic Four for week for of the 2019 LCS Spring Split

The LCS 2020 season is right around the corner. The teams have finalized their rosters and some of them are looking very good. Others are not but at least they made some good decisions. Even a couple of the academy signings are looking like strong backup options. With all of that in mind, here are the five best LCS signings or trades this offseason.

5. Damonte to Dignitas Academy

CG Match UpsIt is weird to see “Academy” here considering some of the Mid Laners that will be in the LCS this year. Damonte was a pivotal part of helping Dignitas get to Worlds last year and now he is on the outside looking in, even with his old team. There are a multitude of reasons this signing was a strong one for Dignitas. To start, a fan favorite is back with the team in some capacity. He may even help drive some traffic to the new Academy schedule that Riot has implemented.

Secondly, they are getting a starting level Mid for a cheaper price. There was the issue of money with this team after the Huni signing and many worried that was what was keeping the team from bringing on Damonte. Now, he is back with something to prove at a cheaper price which will in turn light a fire under Froggen. This brings about the last two positives for Dignitas. Damonte will be out to prove he deserves better and Dignitas can either switch him into a starting role if Froggen struggles or they can use him as trade bait. No matter what way this signing is viewed, it is a positive one for Dignitas and easily one of the best of the LCS offseason.

4. Cody Sun back to 100 Thieves

Cody Sun may change teams in the 2018-2019 off-season
Image from LoL Esports Flickr

A little over a year ago, Cody Sun talked about the 100 Thieves coaching staff and his experiences that lead to him getting benched during Worlds. Now with brand new leadership, Cody Sun has been brought back after being one of the biggest catalysts to Dignitas’ run to Worlds in 2019. Out of every decision Papa Smithy has made when building this team, this is easily the best one.

Cody Sun has now proven that he is one of the best ADC the LCS has to offer and there was a lot of speculation to where he could end up this offseason. Not many people would have thought 100 Thieves because Bang was there and because of his past. Then Bang was traded and Cody Sun was welcomed with open arms along with Meteos, the two outcast players from the previous 100 Thieves iteration. Hopefully this time he and the coaching staff will at least have a decent relationship. Either way, 100 Thieves have made an extremely good move in bringing him back.

3. Cloud9 Buyout Vulcan from Dignitas

Arguably the most impressive player from the LCS at Worlds this past year was Vulcan. Not only was he impressive at Worlds but even in the LCS some of the plays he was making were not expected by someone so young. Now he has clearly cemented himself as one of the best Supports in the LCS. The argument could be made that he is the second-best behind CoreJJ.

Many had thought that Dignitas would build around their star support but, unexpectedly Cloud9 made a major buyout to bring on Vulcan. This was surprising for two reasons. Obviously no one thought Dignitas would decide to get rid of him and Cloud9 normally are the ones who grow talent, not buy it. But, it happened and now with a completely new Bot Lane, Cloud9 are looking extremely strong. The only reason this move is not higher on the list is due to the amount of money for the buyout, $1.5M. Remember that this does not include his salary which is added on with the buyout.

2. Bjergsen Re-Signs with TSM

There was a big cloud looming over TSM and Bjergsen for most of this season. Bjerg’s contract was up and many wondered where he would sign. Would it be 100 Thieves with their new management and big need at the position? Would it be a new team like Immortals or Evil Geniuses trying to make a big signing? It could have even been a LEC team but instead, TSM were able to retain him with one of the first official equity deals in the LCS. Now as a part-owner of TSM, Bejrgsen will likely remain with the team until he retires.

Without a doubt TSM needed to shake things up. That said, the major piece of the puzzle as to how everything else would work, was based around Bjegsen. With him back, the team knew that they could move forward with rebuilding the rest of the team. There are still questions surrounding TSM but at least they have their superstar and arguably the best Mid Laner in the LCS. Now it will be up to Bjergsen to prove that he was worth this all. He will have to be even better to bring TSM back to Worlds.

Honorable Mentions

Xmithie to Immortals

Once Bjergsen signed, Xmithie was the best LCS free agent remaining and one that would determine where many other pieces would fall. It is clear that he is one of the best junglers if not the best in the LCS. That alone would normally put this signing on the list. The problem is that once Immortals signed Xmithie, it seems like they ran out of funds and had to settle on some positions. If they end up playing well because of Xmithie leading them then this move not making the list will have been a big mistake, otherwise, it deserves to stay off.

Broxah to Team Liquid

Broxah is a very solid jungler. With that out of the way this signing does not make the list for one very big reason, Broxah likely does not improve Team Liquid. While he also does not make them worse, it is at best an even trade. Also, he plays a bit of a different style than Xmithie does and it seems as though he may have a different role shotcalling wise than Xmithie did. Another concern is moving from Europe for the first time which has had an impact many times on numerous players. Because of all the concerns and questions surrounding the signing, for now, this move will remain off the list.

1. Svenskeren to Evil Geniuses

Top 5 LCS Player - C9 Svenskeren
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

When new teams come into the LCS they normally like to make a big splash in terms of their first move. Well, Evil Geniuses are back and they made one big move to start off not only their journey back but also the entire offseason. This big of a move is one that has never been seen in the LCS and likely in esports history. They were able to grab an up and coming Top Laner and former first-round Scouting Grounds pick in Komo. Also a top tier support in Zeyzal and the former MVP Svenskeren.

Svenskeren has constantly been undervalued and seemingly discarded. Everyone thought it was going well with Cloud9 and then they started Blaber in a couple of games at Worlds when they needed Sven most. Now he is on the move again and this time is clearly the focal point of Evil Geniuses. Hopefully, this man will finally get to relax and play without fear of losing his spot that he has rightfully earned. Bringing in the former MVP would make the top spot of any list in any sport or esport. Svenskeren’s acquisition should be the same. Look for him to help lead EG to playoff contention.


Are there any moves you disagree with? Any that you think we missed? Let us know in the comments.

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