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The 2021 Blue Essence Emporium is Live Now

Over the past few years, the League of Legends team have tried to reward people for playing their game. Players earn blue essence for every level they gain and through other means as well. Typically used to buy champions, players have begun to run out of champions to purchase. League introduced the Blue Essence Emporium to address the issue.

This shop has different things like skins, chromas and icons available for blue essence that normally costs Riot Points or real money. It is officially live for 2021 and here are a few noteworthy items that people can buy.

This event does run until December 1, so make sure to utilize the blue essence before then.

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Chroma Skins

For many of the skins over the past few years, skins have had recoloring added to them. They don’t cost nearly as much as the skin but add a little extra flavor. This year nearly every single chroma skin is available for blue essence. These include a few brand new chromas.

Blue Essence Emporium

*Note: As a reminder these are chromas, meaning to actually get them, one has to have the regular skin.

Ward Skins

Not much going on here but there is a way to roll the dice for a new ward skin and show off how much time one has sunk into League of Legends.

Blue Essence Emporium


Similarly, to the skins, there is not much here other than showing off how high the player’s level is.

Blue Essence Emporium


Outside of the chromas, this is the best part of the emporium so far. Players can get the icons to accessories their load in screen. The mystery icons vary from the most dull designs to those that have been long removed from availability. After all, who doesn’t like a exclusive limited time icon rewards?Blue Essence Emporium

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