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Thanks Mr. Broxah

With the approval of his visa last week, it is now an undeniable goodbye – at least for now – to Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen for the European League of Legends fans. He will be joining the LCS to aid Team Liquid in their early season struggles. 



As he is leaving to venture the North American jungle, here is a look back on his time with Fnatic.

When he was first introduced to the EULCS it was as a substitute for Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider during a particularly rough 2-2 start on the 2017 EULCS Spring Split. In his first week of games he showcased his incredible Lee Sin mechanics at a level that gave the other teams a run for their money – dodging and baiting Cassiopeia ults were helping factors to his first black and orange victories. 

He would soon after find himself in the starter jungler position and for the rest of the split you could see him pull of near-impossible Baron steals. 


In the jungle, the mighty jungle…

Something that might come as a bit of a surprise when talking about Broxah and his on-stage champion pool is that, as far as statistics go, Lee Sin is not even his most accomplished pick. 

Thank Mr. Broxah
Image courtesy of Riot Games

While Broxah has showcased his immense mechanics on the blind monk for 42 games with a 54.8% win-are, as opposed to the average 48.7% across all regions, when he turns to engaging team fight junglers like Elise, Gragas and Sejuani the Dane asserts his dominance over the rift with a combined win rate of over 66%, facilitating his team to success and really puts meaning behind the phrase “thanks mr. broxah”.


These performances have led to the following:

2x EULCS champion (Spring 2018, Summer 2018)

2x All Pro Team (Summer 2017, Summer 2018)

Worlds finalist (2018)

His achievements are remarkable all by themselves, but what makes Broxah stand out from a lot of his colleagues is his ability to make sense of – and explain challenging situations. Throughout the years we have seen numerous interviews wherein he has given the fans insight in difficult times the team has faced; elaborately explaining the why’s and how’s.



Thank Mr. Broxah
Image from LoL Esports Flickr

If fans follow Broxah on Twitch then that are familiar with his Pop Pop army and his Curling Club. If not, then they are missing out on a great entertainer. It is clear that he cares deeply for his community and that he enjoys involving them as he streams. Needless to say that the joy is mutual. 

On several occasions he has taken time out of his schedule to go do presentations at schools to educate – not only the kids, but the adults present as well – about life as an esports athlete. There is a certain stigma attached to being a gamer; the older generations especially are prone to look at gaming as an activity that devours and prevents one from achieving anything of significance. 

Broxah has been able to show a different reality through his informative presentations as well as giving some wholesome advice to the young people interested in following in his footsteps; do not drop out. Finish their education and then grind their heart out.

In addition to being a voice for his co-players to the “outside world”, the general notion of the people that have worked with him is that he is a pleasant and kind, well-rounded guy who is willing to be a steady rock for his fellow humans, on the rift as well as off it. As an audience, fans get the impression that he is untiltable and as a fan they are thankful for his presence.



I would like to share a personal experience I had with Broxah, it sums up the kind of icon that he is.

July of last year I was adamant to give my partner a birthday present that he would not soon forget. Dull details and introductions aside – my partner bleeds black and orange. If you are unsure of how to approach him; bring up Fnatic. 

Planning a trip to the LEC studio or buying tickets for the upcoming World Championship were ideas I tussled with, but in the end I decided to try something that I in all honesty did not expect to pan out – I messaged Mr. Broxah on Twitter with the intention of requesting a “happy birthday!”

As soon as I started typing, however, my self-consciousness was fast to convince me that I was wasting my time and before I had written the first sentence I had ctrl + A + deleted, I quite frankly did not want to bother him, and following what seemed like hours of internal battles I had gathered enough courage to write it through. I described to him the type of person and fan that my partner is and told him I wished more than anything to make this birthday something truly special. After having hit send I tried to shrug off the whole thing as I did not expect an answer, his days must be drowned with scrims and such, I thought.

Not a day passed before I received a notification on Twitter, showing me an unread DM from @BroxahLoL. A hundred question mark pings were blinking in my mind in that for a few minutes I had trouble processing what was actually happening: he started out by saying that he usually does not have the time to cater to these kinds of requests, but he would love to help me make my partners birthday memorable. 

I responded and thanked him a thousand times, as I was putting my phone down I felt an immense sense of awe. We sometimes forget that public figures are in fact just people too – and this might be the cynical Dane in me – but in my experience, even ordinary people often struggle to find the mental energy to deal with the outside noise. For most it is a catalyst to severe disquietude. For this, I was instantly a fan.

To end this nice and cleanly, he sent a surprise DM to the birthday boy in the early morning hours, wishing him a happy birthday and for him to eat lots of Danish brunsviger cake! I have rarely experienced my better half more excited.


Thank Mr. Broxah
Image courtesy of Riot Games


Broxah is one of a kind. It is not because of his setups, his Baron steals or the way that he dominates on Lee Sin – it is simply because he is the ideal role model in this new world of esport, and that is something that should be cherished.




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