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TGH’s LCS Summer Split All-Pro Ballot – Support

The 2019 LCS Summer Split 1st All-Pro Team

The 2019 League Championship Series (LCS) Summer Split regular season is over, with the final weekend of games and tiebreakers finished up. While the top six teams prepared for playoffs, Riot casters, the LCS organizations and third party media got to vote for this split’s awards, including All-Pro teams, MVP and Coach of the Split. While the ballots were cast, Riot asked that we keep our votes secret, but now that some awards are published, here is a breakdown of TheGameHaus’ internal ballot. 

To make things a bit simpler, I listed the players that I thought should be eligible for the awards. Seven of our writers got to rank each player within each role, with the lowest score winning. In the event of a tiebreaker (which we had one), the player with the highest low vote would win out. I then took our consolidated top three and submitted it as our official Riot ballot. 


TGH writers ranked CoreJJ first, Biofrost second and Smoothie third.
TGH writers ranked CoreJJ first, Biofrost second and Smoothie third.

Mirroring the bottom lane rankings, TGH place Team Liquid, Counter Logic Gaming and TSM’s supports in first-second-third. Tristan “Zeyzal” Stidam trailed a bit behind them, with Terry “Big” Chuong and Zaqueri “aphromoo” Black a short ways after. Philippe “Vulcan” Laflamme and Kim “Wadid” Bae-in received most of the low votes. 

Along with Top Lane, TGH’s support vote came out pretty striated. No two players came very close together in the end. This clear delineation probably comes from some perception of simplicity of the position. Most of the time, supports on winning teams look much more impactful than supports on losing teams. Vision, assistance and communication are easier to ignore during games than damage, initiation and gold differences. 

“Anyone who has been paying attention to the LCS this season has CoreJJ in first without question. Not only the best Support, but arguably the best player in the league, he was a major part of Team Liquid’s success. Coming in right behind him in most categories, and a bright spot on a CLG team that surpassed most expectations, Biofrost took the second place honors. The third place spot went to Smoothie. Though most of the major statistics have him lower on the list, his experience and presence on a team that found relative success despite many mid-season roster changes didn’t go unnoticed.”–Nick Butts


CoreJJ, Biofrost and Zeyzal won first, second and third team All-Pro.
CoreJJ, Biofrost and Zeyzal won first, second and third team All-Pro.

The votes trickled down far less for Supports than the Bottom Laners. Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in brought a near-perfect first team All-Pro vote. Vincent “Biofrost” Wang was clearly second, and Zeyzal clearly third. Smoothie fell significantly behind those three, with Big, Vulcan, Aphromoo and somehow Choi “huhi” Jae-hyun gaining a few nods. 

Cloud9’s support earned All-Pro honors, while the ADC did not. Meanwhile, Clutch Gaming’s ADC finished top three, while Vulcan was very far off. This splitting of bottom lane duos is striking, especially considering C9 and CG’s places in the regular season standings. TGH weighed Smoothie higher than Zeyzal, but otherwise we were consistent with the broader audience. 


For the rest of TGH’s All-Pro ballot: Top – Jungle – Mid – Bottom – Rookie, Coach and MVP of the Split

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