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TGH Top 30 Players at Worlds

As they do every year, ESPN Esports have picked their Top 20 players at Worlds. This is a great look at players that each of them are looking at and can help individuals who have not been able to watch every single region as they prepare for Worlds. As with most years, all the players came from the major regions, which makes sense as they are generally considered to be the best regions.

Looking at doing a similar list but with different people, JJ Fonseca, Terry Oh and Robert Hanes came together in order to create a list of their top 30 players going to Worlds 2020 in China. They felt as though there were too many players to stop the list at 10 or 20 and continued on a bit. Here is the TGH Top 30 with quick reasons as to why each player is ranked where they are.

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  1. Knight
    The Golden Left Hand has finally made it to Worlds. After years of being
    considered one of, if not the best mid laners in China, he is ready to show the World
    that is number one. – JJ Fonseca
  2. Caps

    There is not much of an argument to be made about Caps being the best western player by a pretty large margin. The crazy thing is that he has possibly had his best season ever and will definitely be a force while in China. – Robert Hanes

  3. Showmaker

    As the best midlaner from Korea this season, Showmaker earned the positions of both MVP and Young Player for LCK Summer 2020. Worlds will be a testing ground for DWG’s best player to continue to prove himself. – Terry Oh

  4. Kanavi
    The main carry of JD Gaming, Kanavi has had a monstrous year. Spring MVP,
    as well as a spot on the All-Pro team in both splits. International success is without a
    doubt, the next step for Kanavi. – JJ Fonseca
  5. JackeyLove
    In his third year as a pro-player, JackeyLove returns for his third Worlds.
    JackeyLove has tasted tittles before, and now, it’s all he craves. – JJ Fonseca
  6. Zoom
    The rock on which JDG won their Spring split, Zoom is one of the most
    reliable top laners in the world. Whether it’s on tanks or carries, Zoom always shows
    up to play. – JJ Fonseca
  7. Ruler

    Arguably LCK’s best ADC, Ruler once again stands on the Worlds’ stage with Gen.G. As one of the most experienced and skilled ADCS, Ruler is eager to take over team fights during Worlds. – Terry Oh

  8. SofM
    Years after breaking into the scene, SofM has returned to his top form, picking
    up MVP in 7 of Suning’s 9 game wins in the post-season. With the experience to
    back up his aggression, he is the pumping heart of Suning. – JJ Fronseca
  9. BDD

    Throughout the majority of the Summer Split, BDD led for the ranking of MVP. Though beaten by Showmaker towards the end, BDD earned player of the LCK Summer Split, with a reputation for his phenomenal Azir and Zoe. – Terry Oh

  10. Chovy

    Chovy has experienced much success in the LCK. A highly valued player, Chovy plays mid for DRX, as a pillar for DRX’s recent successes leading up to Worlds. – Terry Oh

  11. Jankos

    Just last year ESPN ranked Jankos as the best player going to Worlds and while he is not that this year, he showed just how deadly he can be during the LEC Summer Playoffs taking down a highly regarded player in Selfmade handily. This man is versatile and can go toe to toe with any jungler on the World stage.  -Robert Hanes

  12. Canyon

    Damwon would not have performed as well as they did without Canyon displaying the jungle diff regularly. Playing Nidalee, Canyon acquired the first Pentakill in LCK history on jungle. – Terry Oh

  13. Nuguri

    Nuguri’s consistency in the top lane served as a recipe for success for Damwon Gaming. But because of his recently collapsed lung, he had to undergo surgery. Hopefully he recovers successfully, and stands healthy at the Worlds stage. – Terry Oh

  14. Selfmade

    Some could argue that he is only seen as such a great player because of the number of resources Fnatic pour into. The other argument is that he doesn’t shy away from those resources and turns them into wins for the team. Selfmade is making his first Worlds appearance of hopefully many and could prove that even this ranking is too low. -Robert Hanes

  15. Karsa
    Back at Worlds for the sixth time in a row, Karsa has the experience and
    knowledge to go toe-to-toe with any jungler out there. While he might not your
    typical carry jungler, Karsa prefers brain over brawn. – JJ Fronseca
  16. Bjergsen

    There is no doubt that this will be a very contentious ranking as many will be of the opinion that he should be lower or not on the list at all. The problem is that he has been playing out of his mind and while he did not win the MVP, once TSM figured out their playstyle, Bjergsen became unlocked. Look for him to possibly have his best ever Worlds showing. -Robert Hanes

  17. Peanut
    After a few rough splits, Peanut seems to be back in form. Another veteran
    player, quite a few of his favourite picks are currently in the meta, making him right
    at home. – JJ Fronseca
  18. Rekkles

    Back at Worlds again, Rekkles looks to still be one of the best Bot Laners in the World and rightfully so. Even without all of the resources, he has still shown that he can be the late game hyper carry that Fnatic need or play a more supportive role. Either way he goes, he is able to succeed and should continue to do so against the best the rest of the world has to offer. -Robert Hanes

  19. LokeN
    When it comes to quiet carries, Loken leads the pack. After years being
    ranked as a middle of the pack in the LPL, Loken is now the only carry in China that
    can stand up to JackeyLove. – JJ Froseca
  20. Lvmao
    The flashier of JDG’s bot lane, LvMao has risen as the next great Chinese
    support. On picks like Bard or Thresh, LvMao is the main playmaker on the team. – JJ Fronseca
  21. BeryL

    BeryL pioneers unique support picks, with champions such as Poppy, Sejuani, and Pantheon. BeryL’s tanky support picks provide great utility and crowd control for DWG, giving opening windows of opportunity for success. – Terry Oh

  22. 369
    For years, fans have joked that when he plays, he can either roll a 3, a 6 or 9.
    Despite being on a team with many other stars and often forced to play weak side,
    it seems like all he roles are nines. – JJ Fronseca
  23. Xiye
    Once again returning to the international stage, Xiye seems to be at the top of
    his game. Known for his roaming playstyle, when facing him, it feels like the deck is
    always stacked in his favor. – JJ Fronseca
  24. Yagao
    Despite having a fairly small effective champion pool, Yagao becomes a
    menace if he manages to get his hand on any of his specialty picks. – JJ Fronseca
  25. CoreJJ

    CoreJJ has been to Worlds a multitude of times and is one of only three people on this list to actually win a Championship. He is also the reigning MVP of the LCS. While his team has faltered at times, he has been the one to keep them pushing forward. There is an argument to be made that he should be higher on this list but part of the reason he isn’t is because of his team’s playoff performance. -Robert Hanes

  26. Kaiser

    This is likely going to be the biggest surprise on this list for many people but Kaiser is an absolute animal and he will have the chance to prove it while at Worlds. He is extremely versatile and can make plays that many other supports would think impossible. While he and the rest of MAD Lions are still young in every sense of the word, Kaiser still will show that he is an incredible talent worthy of this recognition. -Robert Hanes

  27. Perkz

    Even in arguably his worst year ever, Perkz is still one of the best players going to Worlds. Whether he is in the Mid Lane or Bot Lane, Perkz has an insane ability to make plays and outplay many of the worlds best players. So far he has struggled domestically but still helped G2 win yet another championship. This is because when it matters most, he shows up and at Worlds, he will show up. -Robert Hanes

  28. Keria

    Tying together the various parts of DRX’s team composition, seventeen year old Keria’s incredibly diverse support picks help DRX adjust and adapt to the enemy team’s. – Terry Oh

  29. Huanfeng
    This is Huanfeng’s rookie year. In a league filled with veteran carries,
    many of which are known all across the world, Huanfeng didn’t cave in, and always
    helps bring Suning across the finish line. – JJ Fronseca
  30. Wunder

    There were a lot of players to consider at this spot and three of his teammates are already on this list, that said, keeping Wunder off even in a sort of down year would have been insulting. He is one of the only players that can not grind solo queue and still be one of the best in the world. ESPN had him in their top 20 and maybe there is an argument for that. But, overall this man is insane and likely will make this ranking look like it was decided on by clowns. -Robert Hanes

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