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TSM Reginald Confirms Spica and Huni Returning for 2022 LCS Roster

After TSM announced Bjergsen and SwordArt were leaving, many LCS fans were left wondering who, if any, of the 2021 roster would be sticking around? Well part of the question has been answered today thanks to an AMA on the TSM subreddit. TSM owner Reginald decided to provide some more details about the 2022 roster. This comes after the Bjergsen announcement video which said that TSM wanted to invest in young talent.

This is probably the option that makes the most sense for TSM. With two established veterans leaving already, it makes little sense for more to be gone. Keeping Spica is the most obvious play TSM could have done. He is coming off an MVP Split, is NA talent, and is only 20 years old. As such, Spica deserves his spot.

But one thing that many TSM and LCS fans have been wondering is why TSM kept Huni? Well there are a few reasons. The simple one is that Huni performed really well last year. In terms of laning stats, Huni was third in the LCS beating out players like Fudge. Furthermore, Huni also had the third best KP and DPM of any Top Laner. Also, Alphari is rumored to be leaving the LCS this year meaning that Huni could easily be a Top 2 Top Laner. In addition, Huni’s contract doesn’t expire this year. This is yet another reason that keeping Huni seems like the smart call.

What about Lost?

One interesting thing about this statement from Reginald is that it doesn’t confirm or deny that Lost will be on the 2022 TSM Roster. Based on the current rumor mill, it seems likely that Lost will be looking for a new home. On the other hand, he could be a reserve option if TSM isn’t able to get the players they want. There is a reason TSM has yet to release a Thank You post like they did for Bjergsen and SwordArt.

The Direction of the LCS Team + FTX:

After making this statement, Reginald had some more comments about the direction of the LCS team and the FTX sponsorship.

After a year of imports jokes, Reginald seems to have turned a new leaf. Of course, this year TSM went that route and it failed. This course correction is most likely due to that fact plus Bjergsen leaving. Besides, NA needs NA talent promoted. TSM invested in Amateur this year with TSM Academy and TSM Amateur. On the contrary, teams like CLG, Team Liquid and Flyquest have yet to make Amateur teams. Already teams putting money into young talent have seen great success. Look at C9, EG and 100T over the past few years. There is talent in NA and seeing one of the biggest LCS teams say so is beyond refreshing.

Of course, in time the full roster for TSM will be revealed. Stay tuned to The Game Haus for coverage of every offseason move for the LCS and LEC.

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