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TSM President Leena Xu Accidentally States “No One Wants To Pick Up Dardoch” on Doublelift’s Stream

During Doublelift’s stream on May 11, the President of TSM, Leena Xu was overheard stating, “That’s not up to me, like for example, no one wants to pick up Dardoch. That’s not my fault.” This comes only weeks after TSM officially traded for Doublelift from Team Liquid. Because of Leena’s personal relationship with the TSM ADC, many claimed that there was a conflict of interest. The LCS looked into this and stated that they found nothing of note. The short clip below shows that there may be some new evidence of the contrary.

While this was likely unintentional, many are already claiming that this is clear evidence that there is and probably has been a conflict of interest. This include major members of the League of Legends community and esports as a whole.

With this knowledge, it definitely puts Dardoch in a terrible situation as well as raises some major questions about Dardoch’s position with the team. Is he still with TSM? Are they looking to move him? So far there was speculation that TSM might be looking for a new jungler but nothing confirmed. While this does not confirm anything about whether Dardoch is getting traded, it does make it feel like they have either been trying or are currently trying to move him.

It seems likely that there will be some form of punishment either from the TSM or the LCS. There is also the NALCS Players Association which has three current TSM players in Bjergsen, Biofrost and Doublelift on the leadership team. Will they get involved and if they do, are they able to stay objective in their ruling? This situation is not one that will just blow over. There will probably be some major consequences and Leena will most likely have take the brunt of it.

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