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TSM Keaiduo Will be the Team’s Next Mid Laner

TSM Keaiduo

After much speculation, TSM have finally announced their next mid laner, Keaiduo. This comes with an announcement for the rest of the team as well. The 2022 TSM team will consist of Huni, Spica, Keaiduo, Tactical and Shenyi. Here is the latest on the new mid laner, TSM Keaiduo.

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Keaiduo started his professional playing career at the beginning of 2021, meaning he has only been playing for about one year. His former Chinese team was ThunderTalk Gaming Young a team that finished eighth in the LDL Summer split and tenth in the LDL Spring Split.

During his first year as a professional player, Keaiduo played 23 different champions in 83 games. His top champions were Twisted Fate, Ryze, Viktor, Syndra and LeBlanc. That being said he was able to play and find success with champions like Sylas, Renekton, Viego, Galio Seraphine and Zoe. It is clear that while he is best at mages, he can play a variety of different champions.

When looking at him statistically the aspect that stands out most about him is that he is clearly an aggressive player. This was discussed in the roster reveal video as well by new head coach Chawey. Keaiduo was second in kills only behind 0909 who played 4 more games than him. He did die frequently but was able to make up for that with also having one of the high CS per minute in the LDL.

The 20-year-old who will turn 21 at the end of the LCS Spring Split will certainly have a lot riding on him as TSM fans have nearly driven themselves mad trying to figure out who their new mid laner would be. Here is wishing the best to him as it will certainly be a new experience once he enters the LCS.

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