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TSM 2021 LCS Summer Split Preview

TSM LCS 2021 Summer Split

The summer has finally arrived and with it, the 2021 LCS Summer Split. Yet again the format of the Split has changed but this was already announced earlier this year. Teams will play 27 games or three games over nine weeks. This will be the first time the LCS has had more than 18 games in a long time. TGH will be taking this week to give fans a preview of their team to prepare them for what should be an exciting split. Here is a look at the TSM 2021 LCS Summer Split preview.

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TSM Team Page

2021 Spring Review

The beginning of 2021 was certainly rough for TSM. They were quickly knocked out of the Lock In tournament and looked awful to start the Spring Split. Then, things just started to click. They found their style and ripped off wins against TL, C9 and everyone who was not FLY and DIG for some reason. Sadly after going 2-0 against TL in the regular season, TSM were pushed to the lower bracket and then knocked out of the LCS Spring Split playoffs by the team they had found success against. They finished third but clearly have their sights set higher.

2021 Summer Split Roster

Top- Huni

Jng- Spica

Mid- PowerOfEvil

Bot- Lost

Sup- SwordArt

Coach- Bjergsen

While there were plenty of fans asking for the team to trade out certain players at the beginning of the Split, those died down drastically as the Spring went on. TSM will be keeping the gang together and this is likely for the better. Once all five players were able to get more comfortable with each other and Bjergsen was able to settle into his new role better, the team started to succeed in a major way.

Time is only going to help this roster as they continue forward. They are all talented and their styles match much better than most fans expected. As the Summer draws near, they will have to dive even deeper into their champion pools and find a way to stay unpredictable as this was a problem last Split. Even if the team starts off slowly, it would be shocking to see anyone on this roster taken out.

TSM 2021 Schedule

Predicted Spring Placement: 3rd

Potential Range for the Team: 1st-5th

Depending on what C9 do at ADC, TSM could find their way into a much better position than previously expected. Even though the final scoreline did not show it, TSM were a few bad throws away from meeting up with C9 in the finals. It is possible that was a better matchup for TSM than TL as they had shown late in the season that they could go toe-to-toe with C9. Alas, they were not able to pull it out and now these players and the coaching staff will be wanting to show everyone how good they really can be.

The ultimate goal for TSM is to make it to Worlds 2021 and that should definitely be the main focus. This is not to say they shouldn’t want to win an LCS title as well but finishing at least third is a must in the eyes of the team and management. With this in mind, it is worth asking what could keep them from doing that?

A bad Split again from Spica and a slow start for POE could certainly hurt. Also if Huni were to go back to his old ways or if Lost were to get passed up by the new ADCs in Danny and K1ng. Lastly, if Bjergsen and the staff continue to struggle with certain drafts and if the team fails to close out games. All of these things could be what holds the team back.

Luckily, TSM will have 27 games to figure it out. This included three against C9, TL and 100 Thieves which should give them an idea of where they are at in comparison before playoffs start. If they are able to learn from those games, especially if they are losses, then TSM should only get better. But if they regress and fail to learn from their mistakes then a team like 100 Thieves could knock them right out of Worlds contention.

Expect for TSM to push for a title but leave with a consultation prize of making it to Worlds 2021 by finishing third in the 2021 LCS Summer Split.

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