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LCS Summer 2021 Record By Caster: TSM

TSM Caster Record Summer

The 2021 Summer Split has ended and the playoffs near. Teams have fought all season for their chance to not only win an LCS Championship, but also make it to Worlds. Because of this, they will be looking for every bit of information they can gather in order to get a leg up on the competition. As with last time, this piece will analyze the most important information a team could need, the team’s record by who cast their game. Here is a look at the TSM Caster Record for the Summer 2021 LCS Split.

*Note: This does not include Playoffs this time around.

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When gathering this information, it was important to start with each match and who did the casting. The table below shows each game and who the casting duo was for each particular game. For convenience, CaptainFlowers was shorted to CF and Razelplasm to Raz as it fits better on the spreadsheet.

TLPhreak, Azael & Kobe
EGPhreak & Azael
GGPastry & Crumbz
100TPhreak & Azael
FLYCF & Azael
CLGPhreak & Kobe
IMTPastry & Kobe
DIGCF & Kobe
C9Phreak & Azael
EGPastry & Crumbz
TLCF & Azael
IMTPhreak & Azael
C9CF, Azael & Kobe
CLGPastry & Azael
GGPhreak & Kobe
100TCF & Azael
FLYCF & Kobe
IMTPhreak & Kobe
TLPhreak & Azael
EGPhreak & Kobe
GGPastry & Azael
C9Phreak & Azael
100TPhreak & Azael
CLGPastry & Azael
DIGCF & Azael

This time around, one can see that Raz was added to the group. Also, there were a couple of tri-cast games for TSM. Again each match was color-coded green for a win and red for a loss.

Casting Duo/Trio

Next up was checking the win and loss record as well as the winning percentage for TSM when each duo/trio cast a game. Listed below are the results and some thoughts about these results.

CF & Kobe1150%
Phreak & Azael6186%
Pastry & Kobe10100%
Pastry & Azael2167%
Phreak & Kobe3175%
CF & Azael1325%
Pastry & Crumbz1150%
CF & Crumbz000%
Phreak, Azael & Kobe10100%
CF & Raz1150%
CF, Azael & Kobe10100%

When preparing for Playoffs it seems pretty clear that TSM may want to ask for a certain duo and request that another not cast their series. Specifically, Phreak and Azael will be a very welcome duo by fans. Including their record from last Split this duo is 11-1. Unlike last Split, CaptainFlowers and Azael may not be invited. Their combined record for the year is 6-6. That is way too much uncertainty for TSM fans.

Individual Casters

Lastly, it was on to the individual casters and their performances while casting TSM. As with the last two, listed below are the win, losses and winning percentages for each individual caster.


As was mention above, Phreak and Azael are the clear winners here. When looking at their combined wins and losses for the full season Phreak comes out at 20-5 while Azael is 23-9. Both of them have cast quite a few games for TSM and more importantly, a lot of wins. What was interesting is that Azael ended up casting the last five TSM games this season. One of those was the DIG game that barely counts. That game was also the one that sent CaptainFlowers under .500 for the Split.

Overall Thoughts

As with last time, this is definitely more of a fun piece than anything serious. This time though, it was interesting to look at the difference between each Split. The fact that Phreak and Azael continued to have a great record when casting for TSM was very interesting. Also that CaptainFlowers cast more losses than anyone this time but Kobe turned it around was worth noting as well.

Now looking forward to the LCS Summer Playoffs, fans will have the opportunity to think more about who is actually casting the game and if they might favor TSM.

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