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LCS 2021 Summer Split Week 9 Power Rankings

LCS Power Rankings

The final weekend of regular season play for the LCS in 2021 is already here. The top teams are still battling for a top-two spot and a bye-weekend while three teams at the bottom fight for the last playoff spot. This weekend will start off with TSM and 100T battling for first place and even the very end of the week could see FLY and CLG going for the last spot. To say Week 9 will be fun is an understatement. With that, before the final weekend of games are played, here are the LCS 2021 Summer Split Week 9 Power Rankings.

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10. CLG (Even)

A win over Golden Guardians to start the week showed that this team still has some fight left in them. That said, fans shouldn’t expect much as that could be their last win of the season. If they want to have even the slimmest of chances to sneak in they have to go 3-0 this weekend and hope that FLY go 0-3. Otherwise, it will be another bottom finish for CLG and with it will come a myriad of changes to the roster and likely the org as a whole.

9. FlyQuest (Down 3)

What a crushing weekend for FlyQuest. They had an opportunity to essentially lock up the last playoff spot and they were unable to succeed. While FLY still have the upper hand over GG and CLG, another 0-3 would end their season. This team’s fate is in their own hands as they get GG and CLG to end the season. A win over GG on Friday would give them their playoff birth. It will be interesting to see of Josedeodo and Palafox are able to give them the last boost that they need.

8. Golden Guardians (Up 3)

Similar to FlyQuest, Golden Guardians had a great opportunity to at least tie FLY and possibly pass them for the playoff spot. Instead, they had an 0-3 weekend against CLG, TSM and TL. Now they can win their way into playoffs but it will be another tough weekend. Even if they win against FlyQuest on Friday, they will have to beat 100T or IMT to really up their chances. This team certainly can surprise but without the win on Friday their great push at the end of this season will all have been for naught.

7. Team Liquid (Even)

Team Liquid are really not the team everyone thought they would be. Wins over FLY and GG certainly felt nice but a loss to DIG was pretty disappointing. They have really struggled against the top four teams in the LCS and while they are currently ranked higher, it is hard to see Liquid making it out of the first round. This weekend is all about pride and trying to get a slightly better seed.

6. Dignitas (Up 3)

Back-to-back wins have DIG one game up on IMT in the seeding for playoffs. Why is this important? Well, the seventh and eighth seeds do not get the double-elimination portion of the bracket. Dignitas have a tough weekend ahead after playing CLG Friday with TSM and C9 needing wins to secure their own places in the standings. While DIG are playing well late into the season, so are the team trying to catch them in IMT.

5. Immortals (Up 3)

Speaking of Immortals, they are likely feeling and looking great after another 3-0 weekend. They have won five of their last six and can boast wins over C9, 100T and EG during this third-round robin. It seems as though they have found their rhythm but it might be too late. Another 3-0 weekend would likely get them into that coveted sixth spot. That said, one loss and a win for DIG would keep them in seventh due to the 2-3 head-to-head record against DIG.

4. Cloud9 (Even)

Cloud9 really looked like they were back. They even seemed like they could leapfrog over everyone and take over first place in the LCS. Unfortunately, TSM stopped C9 in their tracks. There is still a way for C9 to grab a top-two seed but even one loss this coming weekend would mean that they would have to depend on TSM, GG or EG to takedown 100T at least once. This is not unlikely but C9 also still have EG and TL before the season ends. It is certainly going to be a race to the finish for C9.

3. TSM (Even)

Even fighting for the top spot in the LCS, TSM have been unable to find that elusive win that will push them over the top. Luckily for them, they get 100T to start the weekend. A win over them would likely be enough to get TSM the coveted first seed. A loss would mean that TSM need to win their last two games against CLG and DIG in order to officially secure the second seed. Of the top four teams, TSM have the easiest schedule which is what makes their game against 100T all that more important.

2. 100 Thieves (Down 1)

There was a time just a few weeks ago where 100T looked like no one could touch them. Now they have had two 1-2 weekends in their last three. This weekend will be their toughest one yet as they will have to take on two of the three teams trying to take the top seed from them in TSM and EG. There is no doubt that 100T will have to step it up this weekend or they could go from being a sure top team with a weekend off to having to play in week one of the playoffs.

1. Evil Geniuses (Up 1)

It certainly was not a clean weekend from EG but they were able to take down TSM and get the head-to-head tiebreaker in their pocket. Now they will have one more challenging week to confirm that they are legitimate. With games against C9, TL and 100T, they will have to grind if they want a top-two spot for the LCS playoffs. In the eyes of the TGH LCS Power Rankings for Week 9 though, they are currently the best LCS team.

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