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Grading TSM’s Signing of PowerOfEvil

TSM PowerOfEvil

The search for the new TSM mid to fill Bjergsen’s shoes is over. PowerOfEvil will be the third mid laner in TSM’s history. With this, comes quite a bit of responsibility and the weight of TSM fan’s expectations. The goal for this piece will be to take a look at the PowerOfEvil signing and give it a grade.

This grade will keep in mind more than just his talent and abilities. While those will definitely be important, it will also take a look at other options, personality fit and just his general fit for the team. With that, here is a look at the PowerOfEvil signing.

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Skill Grade: A

When signing PowerOfEvil, TSM were obviously very concerned with his ability, talent and skills overall. This is not concerned in the way that they did not think he was good enough, more so it was one of the things they likely valued very highly. When looking at even just his stats over the past two years, one can see that he is clearly starting his prime. This is right where TSM want him

In 2020, PowerOfEvil lead the league in kills in both Splits. He had 70 during the spring and 83 in the summer, combining for some quick math to 153. For just the mid lane, the next closes player was TSM’s own Bjergsen with 119. While kills don’t mean everything, being that much higher than second is quite significant. For the entire LCS, only Zven had more by one with 154.

For more in depth stats, PoE has always had some of the least amount of deaths, has been near or at the top in CS per minute and XP difference per 10 minutes. Not to mention that he lead LCS mid laners in his team’s damage percentage.

Basically, at least over the last year and probably the last two years, PoE has not only been a consistent force but one of the best mid laners in the league. Thus, an A in skill grade.

Personality Fit: B

This is not so much a hit on PowerOfEvil as much as it is for what TSM lost. With Bjergsen, Biofrost, BrokenBlade and Doublelift all no longer playing for the team, they lost quite a bit of personality. Obviously, Bjergsen is still there and while Biofrost’s position is not known, it looks like Spica will have to do quite a lot for awhile.

Even though PoE has played on a new team every year of his career, he is not known for being a toxic teammate or anything. He also seems maybe a bit more passive and not a major personality. That said, he will likely fit in on the team well but don’t expect him to light up the screen on TSM Legends.

Style Fit: A

This TSM team will be a tough one to figure out in terms of its style. Huni can play weakside but also will play the carry when given the opportunity. PowerOfEvil has recently shown that he can do the same when given the opportunity. The bot lane on the other hand is pretty much an unknown. They may play similarly to how they did on their previous teams but they may not, with a new duo, not much will be known.

In terms of PoE this means he may be asked to be the carry and that should work well. Especially given the fact that Spica is his jungler and the last mid to play and succeed with him is the current TSM head coach, Bjergsen. This marriage of style and talent should be a pretty good one. They may take a bit to synergize but PoE will likely slot right in like he has with every other team he has played with and will succeed.

Also if Spica ends up being the focus, which is entirely possible, then PoE will especially fit that style well. He will happily roam if needed to or just keep his lane opponent locked-in. Either way, he will allow for Spica to do what he pleases which could be extremely beneficial to TSM as a whole.

Other Options: A-

Realistically, PoE was the best option available for TSM considering the path they chose to go. He brings so much to a team and that is not only illustrated above with all the other arguments, but he seems to be at his peak currently. The hope for TSM will be that the meta stays right in his wheelhouse so that he can continue to dominate. Even if it does, he will still perform at a very high level.

The only option that would have been better was Perkz. That said, it seems like TSM were either unwilling to pay as much as C9 did or maybe they didn’t feel like getting into a bidding war? Either way, grabbing PoE when TSM were officially out on Perkz was a fantastic move and clearly the next best choice.

Overall Grade: A

Sure Perkz would have been nice, but overall signing PowerOfEvil deserves an A grade. Especially considering the way he has been playing over the past few years. He is clearly heading into his prime or already in it and for a team that hopes to compete these next two years, this move was a no-brainer. The hope is that he syncs up with the team quickly and helps them start the season off on the right foot.

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