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Doublelift Will Be Traded to TSM

After a lot of speculation, Jacob Wolf is reporting that Doublelift will be heading back to TSM via a trade. The details of the trade are not known but it is confirmed that he will be replacing Kobbe.

Many experts believed if Doublelift actually was traded, that TSM made the most sense. This was for numerous reasons most importantly that TSM might be the only team that could take on Doublelift’s sizable contract. He will be reunited with Bjergsen and Biofrost. Biofrost and Doublelift frequently duo-queue together even after both of them had left TSM. Shades of the legendary 2016 TSM squad are now being put back together.

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All of this comes after Doublelift’s issues with Team Liquid seemingly being unable to be resolved. During the Spring Split he claimed that he was having motivation issues and many people believed that this all stemmed from Team Liquid’s disappointing run at Worlds. After being crowned as the NA team to finally make a run, Team Liquid failed to make it out of groups. Even after adding Broxah, the 2020 Spring Split was a disaster for a team that struggled to come together. Could Team Liquid be blowing it up or will this be their only subtraction from arguably the greatest team the LCS has ever seen? Questions like these will continue to be asked as the mini-offseason for the LCS begins.

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