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Doublelift Announces His Retirement from Pro League of Legends

In what has been already a rough offseason not just for TSM fans but the LCS as a whole, Doublelift has now announced that he is stepping away from competitive League of Legends. This comes not too long after Bjergsen announced his retirement and subsequent move to the Head Coaching role for TSM. While he has not said exactly what he plans to do next, it seems like full-time streaming could be on the horizon for the former LCS MVP.

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Doublelift had hinted before on stream that he had considered retiring with Bjergsen. This led many to believe that he would be staying with TSM for their 2021 season. Then as the offseason continued on, it was reported that SwordArt would potentially be joining TSM.

Once it looked like that deal was in jeopardy, more reports came out that Doublelift would be leaning towards retirement. This was due to his desire for TSM to field a team that could compete at Worlds and in his mind without a top international support, this might not be possible.

This deal with SwordArt not getting done has had a domino of effects not just on TSM but for Evil Geniuses as well. Originally there was a deal to have Huni join TSM in a trade for Lost to EG. Now it seems with DL stepping away that Lost will likely take over as the new TSM bot lane.

That means that TSM are still without a confirmed top or sup. It will be interesting to see how not only TSM go about the rest of this offseason but also the LCS as a whole.

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