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Best Comp for TSM Heading Into Playoffs

TSM Week 6

Even with a loss, TSM have secured a spot in the LCS Spring Split Playoffs. At times they have looked like the second-best team in the LCS and at other times, they have struggled mightily. Most of the time, the issues have stemmed from not necessarily the draft but, the team’s inability to play their composition correctly. This begs the question. what is TSM’s best comp?

Individual Picks

The team has played many different styles and champions this season. This has been in an attempt to have a multitude of comps to play once their main one was banned out. There have been styles that have succeeded and those that have caused the team to stumble. It is time to look at the best type of comp that TSM should try to build around. Some of these picks will be banned, but that is why there will be a second suggested pick. This pick can also be worth looking into as an alternative even if the first pick isn’t banned due to it working with other champions better.


Courtesy of: LoL Esports Flickr

BB has reminded everyone that he is a star both on and off the Rift. He has been able to play a multitude of champions and is easily one of the best top laners in the LCS. That said, he has his own style and there are certain champs that just do not work for him. BrokenBlade needs aggressive engaging type champions as he struggles on scaling passive champions. This is why he is 0-4 on picks like Gangplank, Kayle and Rumble but 9-4 on picks like Sett, Qiyana and Irelia. He is able to have an impact in his lane and all around the map while not having to wait to scale or depend on someone else to jump in.

Here are his picks:

Sett Or Aatrox

Sett is sadly a top ban right now for most of the LCS. Should he slip through though, he has to be the pick for BrokenBlade. This champion can survive on his own in lane while also being a playmaking menace after laning phase has ended. This is exactly what TSM want for BrokenBlade which is why if they can’t get him they need to keep picking Aatrox. BrokenBlade has played the champion well and like Sett it can do well in lane phase for while being a playmaker throughout the rest of the game.


Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett is often the firestarter for TSM’s explosive early plays

It seems as though the dream to see Dardoch finally play and succeed with TSM is working. He has been a selfless player and so far there have been no whispers of drama behind the scenes. Whether this is still the honeymoon phase or not, Dardoch is being put in a good position to help TSM win games. Pick wise, he has been a bit all over the place. This Split he has shown that he no longer needs to be the carry but can be when needed. Because of that Dardoch is easily the wild card the team needs and should use to their advantage.

Here are his picks:

Gragas or Sejuani

Similar to Sett, Gragas has been getting banned lately due to Dardoch’s success on the champion. That said, he is more likely to get through than Sett and TSM should pick him before the second round of bans if possible. Gragas can provide the engage and playmaking needed while still building tanky for the team. Dardoch does need to make sure that he uses his ult at the correct times though. As for Sejuani, she is a very safe pick that can provide the bulk and cc chains that the team needs. She also is able to play to the team’s strength which is playing through top lane due to her passive.


Bjergsen via LoL Esports Photos on Flickr

Even without the beard, Bjergsen is still doing Bjergsen things. It is good to know that he is not like Samson. Bjerg is still playing what the team needs as he has the past few years. This has been good and bad as he has helped the team but, when they need someone to step up once in-game, these picks do not always allow for him to be that go-to player. With the playoffs coming up, Bjergsen will need to have that ability in order for this team to succeed.

Here are his picks:

Syndra or Zilean

There is almost no chance that Bjergsen is getting Syndra. He has just been too dominate on her for teams to allow her to make it through the first banning phase. While this does make it tough for Bjerg he is taking up a very valuable ban on a champion that is not normally a top priority. His next option is his other signature champion, Zilean. Bjergsen has been outstanding on this champion for a while and seems to be able to pull it out whenever the team needs a win. Zilean works perfectly with the aggressive top side of the map and allows for Biofrost to play something other than TK since Bjerg can just ult whoever is close to dying.


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Image Courtesy of LoL Esports Flickr

His teamfighting prowess came across the Atlantic with him which has been perfect for TSM. Kobbe is the one person on the team who should regularly have traditional late-game champions picked for him. This is because while he may be lackluster in lane, he can come online as soon as the landing phase is over which is normally between the 8-10 minute mark. The man rarely dies and is a stable foundation for the team to build around.

Here are his picks:

Xayah or Tristana

Kobbe needs to be able to have his own escape. This allows him to kite around teamfights and position himself in a safe spot to pour on the damage. Both Xayah and Tristana do this with Xayah having the advantage. TSM are nearly perfect with the lovers duo and need to make them a top priority in draft. Should Xayah be taken or banned Tristana has less cc and scalability than Xayah but she can pack more of a punch and takedown objectives with ease.

Both are solid picks historically for Kobbe as well. Xayah is his all-time most played champion and he is 24-10 with a 6.23 KDA on her. With Tristana he has 26 games on her going 16-10 with a 6.00 KDA. TSM need to put Kobbe on one of these champions.


Last but certainly not least is the Biodaddy himself. Biofrost has been a welcome addition to TSM this season. His poise and play have allowed for the bottom lane to stay consistent which is exactly what TSM want. What they also should want is Biofrost in the action. They need him to be roaming around the map and helping the rest of the team make plays. For some reason, he cannot do this on Tahm Kench and truthfully he should not play the fish anymore this Split as he has looked awful on him. Instead, they should give him champions that have pick potential and high cc.

Here are his picks:

Rakan or Thresh

Both of these champions tick some important boxes not only for Biofrost but also TSM. They work well with Xayah or Tristana, they can both roam easily, they have hard cc and they both have solid engages for pick opportunities. So far this season TSM are 5-0 with the lovers duo and should try to play them as often as possible. If Rakan gets banned then Thresh is the perfect alternative for the team to continue to have a strong frontline with great cc.

Most Optimal Comp for TSM

With these options known, here is the comp TSM should try for every game.

  • Aatrox
  • Sejuani
  • Zilean
  • Xayah
  • Rakan

This comp would be nearly perfect for TSM and each particular player. Assuming that Sett, Gragas and Syndra get banned as they have most games lately, TSM will still have a strong comp across all times of the game. This gives them good engage with winning lanes and a great late-game carry in Xayah should the trend of long games continue. Bjerg should be able to provide enough AP damage with Zilean as well. While this draft feels a bit boring and safe, it is currently the best for TSM to get early wins in the playoffs and hopefully beyond.

What champs and comps do you think TSM should run? Let us know in the comments below!

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