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3 Other Top Lane Options for TSM

TSM Playoff Profile: Top laner Hauntzer

Recently Reginald tweeted that only 1/3 contracts had been approved and signed thus far. That makes one wonder if the Huni trade is officially dead? As originally it was only two contracts according to his own tweets on free agency’s opening night. With that, it could mean that TSM are signing someone to take over in the top lane instead of trading for them. The question then becomes, who would still be available for TSM to sign?

Before diving into this, keep in mind that if TSM are signing an international support, which seems likely to still be SwordArt at this point, they would not have any available import slots available. That means they could not be in contention for anyone like Nuguri.

Also, there is the possibility that Evil Geniuses are just releasing Huni and TSM are signing him. Or even that Regi considers a trade or buyout when discussing Riot’s approval. This means that the thought process of other options could be irrelevant. That said, this is still worth looking into should the Huni to TSM connection of any type be broken up.


According to a multitude of people, the Huni hangup still leaves Impact without a home. While it is probable that he signs with Evil Geniuses, TSM could have rethought their decision to pass him up. That would mean that either fan sentiment or the loss of interest for TSM could see them going for Impact instead.

He has been as consistent as they come in the top lane. Though he has his limitations, as all players do, he would make it so that TSM are an extremely passive team. As IWillDominate said in one of his recent videos, he would make a team like TSM, play like TL version two. This would not be hard to see considering PoE and Doublelift are known for playing this style. It would definitely require a big change for someone like Spica, and it might not get international success at a major level, but signing Impact would definitely help TSM compete domestically.


If this one were to happen, TSM would really have brought most of the boys home in the last year. All they would need is Svenskeren to complete the iconic 2016/2017 TSM roster. Obviously, they won’t have all been together at the same time, but, their TSM connections run deep.

Anyway, adding Hauntzer would not be a terrible option for TSM. He played very well on a team that stuck together and went to 100 Thieves leaving him, understandably, for Ssumday. Even with that, if TSM are limited to residential options, adding Hauntzer would be one of, if not their best available choice should someone like Impact sign elsewhere. He has worked with DL and Bjerg before and would be someone who could bring stability in the top lane, at least for 2021. Don’t forget, Hauntzer can play some solid carry top laners as well which would be something he wasn’t able to do previously.

Again, this may not be the most ideal solution, but it is one that TSM could be considering should Huni have either fallen out of favor or if he is just genuinely no longer available.


Listen, before losing it over this suggestion, Kumo was considered very recently to be one of the best young NA talents coming up to the LCS. After struggling during the 2020 Spring Split he was demoted and then given another chance which he took advantage of. He performed well before the team had to take him out in order to play GoldenGlue and Huni.

Kumo is only 20-years-old and definitely has room to grow. On a roster consisting of strong veteran players in Mid, Bot and likely Sup, Kumo could work to develop a good relationship with Spica and flourish. Even if TSM decided to go the rebuilding route, he would be someone worth giving a shot. A roster of Kumo, Spica, PoE, Lost and an unknown support would still be an interesting one and one worth supporting.

Kumo won’t be everyone’s first choice but depending on TSM’s limited options and their build path, he could be someone to consider taking a chance on. At worst they bring in one of the other options should he struggle and at best he develops into the talent that many thought he could be.

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