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Team Liquid’s Doublelift is Popping Off at Worlds 2019

Doublelift and Team Liquid are popping off at Worlds 2019.

Through his first three matches of the 2019 Worlds Group Stage, Peter “Doublelift” Peng of Team Liquid is on fire.

Team Liquid and their emphatic Bot Laner are off to a great start with a record of 2-1.

Doublelift Continues to Impress

Despite being the first seed in Group D, Team Liquid prepared themselves for a tough fight. Their opponents — consisting of Invictus Gaming, Damwon Gaming and ahq e-Sports Club — are no gimmick.

However, Doublelift kept his focus through the heat. Though his 3.56 K/D/A is rather low compared to other players at Worlds, it’s the highest on Team Liquid. He’s also averaging 363 creep score per match, with a total scoreline of 17/9/15. In addition, his 71% kill-participation score is up from 70% during the LCS Spring Playoffs.

Damwon Gaming Stood No Chance

In their first game at Worlds, Team Liquid faced off against Damwon Gaming from South Korea. Doublelift made sure to make rather quick work of them, as he finished with a scoreline of 7/1/5 on Kai’Sa. Also, his 80% kill-participation score was second in the game to teammate Jake “Xmithie” Puchero.

A Quadra Kill late in the game helped Team Liquid hold off their opponents and secure their first win at Worlds. Whether he was maintaining lane pressure, making the right play, or whatever else, Doublelift was the ‘X’ factor against Damwon.

A Team Effort Took Down ahq

Though TL’s third game at Worlds came down to the wire, it all started with Doublelift’s advantage in the Bot Lane. He finished with a scoreline of 6/4/7 on Xayah, but his 2/0/3 scoreline at 15 minutes helped Team Liquid scale into the later stages of the match. Doublelift’s early-game performance allowed for more comfortable play across the board from the side of TL.

Eventually it came down to a smite battle that Xmithie was poised to win. With Baron secured, Doublelift and his teammates surged through ahq and picked up their second win of the group stage.

The Road Ahead

Since TL dropped one game to Invictus Gaming, both teams tied each other for first place in Group D. However, the second half of matches this weekend will determine who the real front-runner is. Other teams, like G2 Esports, have already secured their spot in the next round, but Doublelift and Team Liquid still have work to do. If Doublelift continues this hot streak, they’ll have no problem getting out of the group stage.


Featured Image Courtesy of LoL Esports Flickr.

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