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Team Liquid Week 4: Things to Watch for

This weekend Team Liquid looks to shake off their losses from the previous weeks. Their fantastic display during the CLG game shows us what they are really capable of. With Broxah now getting more settled, the league will have a chance to see more cohesion from Team Liquid’s full roster. That being said, for week 4 games, here are things to watch for.

VS Evil Geniuses

EG Bang.

EG Bang stares at Monitor - Things to Watch week 4

Courtesy of LoLEsports Flickr

First of all, there is often a lot of prestige when people refer to Bang. Bang, former world champion and SKT superstar. Bang, legendary ADC. Bang… 3 and 5 in the LCS?

Bang has the Sixth highest KDA in the league. The only players who are above him are the top performers currently in the the LCS, Cloud9. While he does currently sit at a 37.5% win rate in the LCS, the former world champion should not be overlooked. His CS differential at 15 is actually up over his lane opponents. The losses sometimes stem from bad macro plays from the team around him, and being overpowered by them. Most noteworthy, if this roster can start to pick up steam, Bang is one of the players that TL should watch out for.

VS Team Dignitas

Team Dignitas - Things to watch for LCS
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The last time these two teams clashed, Dignitas came out with the upper hand. Huni was able to safely farm and scale. Johnsun was able to push his advantages over and over. This go around, Team Liquid have their new Jungler, Broxah to back up a lot of their plays. As Team Liquid showed the league last weekend, Doublelift and CoreJJ can still be in LCS champion form, even if their initial showings were not as great as many would have expected. Grig and Aphromoo try to be the main playmakers, and they can be stopped. TL is steadily improving.

As a result, the team is building trust as Broxah adjusts more with them. Therefore, expect to see more synergy with the team as the jungler acclimates. The team’s attitude, at least publicly facing, seems to take their losses in stride. Hopefully this attitude persists in the game, and they can take out the solo queue star Johnsun. 

Traditional ADCs


TL’s dedication to a composition and playstyle can be admirable. But Doublelift’s track record on non-traditional ADCs (namely Senna) is stark to say the least. Contrast that to how he looks when he’s on more meta picks, and it’s a whole new player. When Doublelift was on these more meta picks, he seemed to stomp lane, and play more confidently. While Varus did fit into the composition well, Doublelift was able to take advantage of his kit. Team Liquid was also able to enable the rest of the team as they freed up bot lane. Thus, bot lane was able to roam and help take over the map.

This weekend, look to see Doublelift on someone that can create agency for Team Liquid to play more freely. Above all, if TL are able to play their preferred playstyle, with a focus on Doublelift and a push for him to carry, they can prosper once more. 

Overall, as of last week, Team Liquid look to be finally picking up their games on an upswing. Jensen is a consistent performer, and if their synergy with Broxah can improve, the plan starts to fit more. Finally, if
TL’s opponents play as they been playing in recent weeks, TL can find a sure win.

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