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Team Liquid: LCS Week 6 Preview

Team Liquid: LCS Week 6 Preview

Another week has passed and the 2019 LCS Summer Split is entering its 6th week. Week 5 panned out a little differently than Team Liquid had hoped, however they still remain tied for 1st place. This week will be very important for TL, considering how close the competition has been recently. Another loss this weekend could prove costly to their position in the standings.


This weekend will be another test for Team Liquid, much like Week 5. Last week, TL went 1-1 in their matches; losing to Cloud9 and picking up an insurance win against 100 Thieves the following day. Both matches were hotly contested, resulting in some of the longer matches of the competitive season.

Instead of looking like their usual, dominant selves, Team Liquid lacked aggression and composure. These issues made it much easier for their opponents to keep themselves in the game, no matter the circumstance. Whether it was poor communication, rust or just an off day, TL have to find ways to sharpen up quickly.

Week 6 Match-Ups

Entering Week 6, Team Liquid are tied with Counter Logic Gaming and Cloud9 for 1st place. Each team holds a record of 7-3, but the tie will likely break this weekend with so much competition ahead.

Team Liquid: LCS Week 6 Preview
Image Courtesy of LoL Esports Flickr.

At 8:00 PM EST this Saturday, Team Liquid will face CLG in another battle for the top. This will be a rematch of their previous meeting in Week 2, where CLG were crowned victors. Despite a poor performance last week, Team Liquid should still be the favorite heading into this match-up. Their draft compositions have been outstanding thus far, along with their objective control in-game. They should be more prepared at this point, but CLG have proven that they can never be counted out. Strong performances as of recent have kept their momentum high, so this match-up should one of the most exciting of the split.

Sunday will start off with Team Liquid’s match against FlyQuest at 3:00 PM EST. So far this split, FlyQuest have been the laughing stock of the LCS. Their record of 3-7 has them tied for 2nd-to-last place with 100 Thieves, but their records seem to be the only factor binding them. FLY are coming off of an important 2-0 weekend, including an upset win over OpTic Gaming. This should give them a decent morale boost coming into one of their toughest matches of the split. For Team Liquid, this match will be crucial in determining where exactly they are among their peers. Slip ups are found every once and a while, but errors seem to be more prevalent this split. Even though FlyQuest aren’t as formidable these days, a win won’t be given for free, so TL will need to stick to their guns.


Team Liquid: LCS Week 6 Preview
Image Courtesy of LoL Esports Flickr.

A 1-1 weekend in Week 5 is surely hanging in the minds of Team Liquid; hopefully meaning they understand what’s needed to bounce back. Things have changed in their game plan as of recent, such as their champion pools and focal points. This has definitely put some added pressure onto the members of Team Liquid, because they might not be used to playing certain champions on stage. In addition, other teams are beginning to find holes in TL’s play style, resulting in lost fights before they even happen.

With all things accounted for, it’s not far off to expect another loss for Team Liquid in Week 6. CLG have proven to be a force this summer and should be well-prepared for their match against TL. On top of that, FlyQuest have beaten Team Liquid this season already, so they’ll likely have some answers on how to stop them as well. Unfortunately, neither of TL’s opponents share the experience and talent that TL has on their roster. This factor alone has been enough for them to secure victories in the past, but it won’t be their only hope of winning. A lot will depend on Team Liquid’s mental state going into the weekend.


Featured Image Courtesy of LoL Esports Flickr.

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