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LCS Week 7 Spotlight: Peter ‘Doublelift’ Peng of TL

Doublelift shines; gets featured in LCS Week 7 Spotlight

As the LCS Summer Split inches towards its halfway point, many competitors have begun to make names for themselves. In addition, household names – like Peter ‘Doublelift’ Peng – have stood out in spite of the arising competition. It’s not far off to expect long-time professionals to perform well in an adaptive environment like the LCS, but Doublelift has been on another level in that regard. With the help of his star-studded cast of teammates, Doublelift is back in the spotlight.

Nobody Compares

As most would expect, Team Liquid took another 2-0 weekend in Week 7 by the hands of Doublelift. Their 1st win of the week came against Clutch Gaming in swift fashion, continuing into the next day against Golden Guardians. Doublelift was the marquee factor in both matches: totaling a scoreline of 13/2/13.

Doublelift earns himself a feature in the LCS Week 7 Spotlight
Image Courtesy of LoL Esports Flickr.

This season has been kind to Team Liquid thus far, but even kinder to Doublelift. After taking the Spring Championship and being placed on the All-LCS 1st Team, Doublelift made it a point to become the best Bottom Laner in the world. He was able to showcase his talents on a global stage at MSI, but ultimately he and his team fell short at the very end. The loss has definitely lingered, as he continues his quest to be the best.

Since then, Doublelift seems to be on a mission to get his team into the right mentality before Worlds this fall. He’s stated many times that Team Liquid are capable of making Worlds, but that they’re not in a place to win it all yet. With this as his drive, Doublelift has begun to separate himself from the competition. Currently, he leads the LCS with a K/D/A of 6.5 through 14 matches, while most other ADCs are a solid 2 points behind him.

Doubling Down

Doublelift: LCS Week 7 Spotlight
Image Courtesy of LoL Esports Flickr.

For Doublelift, a lot of things need to go right for him to have a positive impact on a given match. Firstly, his support – Yong-in ‘CoreJJ’ Jo – must be on his toes at all times. This typically allows for more coordinated, aggressive play in the Bottom Lane. Doublelift and CoreJJ are heavily reliant on each other and thrive when together. Secondly, Jake ‘Xmithie’ Puchero has to establish pressure in the Jungle before any fighting occurs. If he’s able to zone or manipulate the enemy Jungler’s pathing, he’ll likely be in better position to set up for Ganks. More often than not, these Ganks are oriented around the Bottom side of the map to get Doublelift ahead.

Even if CoreJJ and Xmithie can’t fully do their jobs, Doublelift typically finds a way to make himself useful. This stems from many unique qualities that Doublelift has gained over the course of his career. As of now, his overall experience and game knowledge put him on a pedestal when compared to his peers in North America.

The Most Casual MVP the LCS Has Ever Seen

With the way things have been going, Doublelift is on pace to take home the Summer Split MVP award in a very casual fashion. Team Liquid have dominated most of the competition this split, so much to the point where their recent wins look rather easy. Doublelift has often speculated that the LCS has little to no meaning at this point, whereas his focus is on Worlds. This implies that Doublelift has been smurfing on opponents without entirely focusing on what’s in front of him. Instead, he’s looking at the big picture.

In the past, Doublelift has been one to ‘keep it real’ when regarding his opponents and the competition at hand. He’s said time and time again that there’s a clear line between the top of the ladder and the bottom, but only recently has it begun to show in the light. As the split progresses, don’t expect much to change with Doublelift and Team Liquid.



Featured Image Courtesy of LoL Esports Flickr.

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