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LCS Spotlight: TL’s Yiliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng

Doublelift is the Human Torch of week two of the 2019 LCs Spring Split

It’s fair to say that Yiliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng was one of the most talked about players in North America during the 2019 Spring Split. His amazing performances pushed Team Liquid into first place, where they would eventually be crowned LCS champions. Not only were his statistics great, but it seemed like he was having a lot of fun while competing. It’s almost like he wasn’t giving 100% of his effort, yet everything was going in his favor.

Unsatisfied and Hungry

Recently, Doublelift and Team Liquid won their 3rd consecutive LCS championship, however they aren’t fully satisfied just yet. They’re currently battling some of the world’s best at the MSI Invitational, a place where they can prove themselves on a global level. Doublelift will be looking to have the same effect he did during the Spring Split, where he held the highest K/D/A in the LCS for an ADC.

Spring Split Record: 14-4 | K/D/A: 7.43 | KPAR: 72.8% | Best Champion: Ezreal (5-0)

Team Liquid cut through the competition like a hot knife in butter, mostly because of Doublelift. His skill, play-making abilities and patience kept him and his team at the top of the LCS for the entirety of the Spring Split. It’s very rare to see Doublelift losing in any game and even if that’s the case, he’s capable of getting out of the hole.

TL Doublelift is featured in this week's LCS Spotlight
Image Courtesy of LoL Esports Flickr

On high poke champions like Ezreal and Sivir, Doublelift thrives. He’s typically very aggressive, but doesn’t over-extend or make silly mistakes. Instead, he plays smart and waits for outside help before committing to anything too risky. This allows his teammates to gank the bottom lane with ease and set him up with a few kills. As a result, Doublelift is able to maintain a steady advantage throughout most games.

With such talented players like Doublelift, it’s fair to wonder if Team Liquid can keep up their current rate of success. They notably struggled against Team SoloMid during the Spring Split, however they were able to rewrite the record during the Spring Playoffs.

Spring Playoff Record: 6-2 | K/D/A: 5.2 | KPAR: 73.6% | Best Champion: Varus (2-0)

The Spring Playoffs were certainly quite the competition, but Team Liquid reigned superior in the end. Their come from behind victory over Team SoloMid in the finals was absolutely shocking, yet entertaining to watch. Despite the intense action, Doublelift had a very interesting demeanor throughout the series.

Not only was Doublelift calm during the most important match of the Spring Split, but he couldn’t shake the boredom of such a grinding series. This comes to show that he has bigger goals in mind. Sure it’s great to be considered the best in North America, but ‘the best in the world’ has a nicer ring to it.

Now, he’s currently proving himself on one of the world’s biggest stages at the 2019 MSI Invitational. As long as Team Liquid stay true to their values and fundamentals, they should match up well with their potential competitors. However, winning the MSI Invitational would certainly add to Doublelift’s already amazing resume.


Featured Image Courtesy of LoL Esports Flickr.

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