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Group D is for Doublelift and Team Liquid

Team Liquid is coming off the most impressive run in LCS history. In four different splits, they’ve come away with the LCS championship four different times. They’ll be looking for another chance to assert their dominance on a global scale, after falling short at MSI.

A Roster Built for Success

At the end of August, Team Liquid established themselves as the best team in North America. Their fourth-consecutive LCS championship solidified their legacy, after beating second-seeded Cloud9. Though C9 will be joining TL at worlds this year, there has been a clear difference in their skill up to this point.

Doublelift and Team Liquid are poised for success at this year's world championship
Image Courtesy of LoL Esports Flickr.

With such a successful history and legacy to live up to, members of Team Liquid haven’t folded in the spotlight. In fact, they’ve almost embraced it. As a team, they rarely falter and continually set the standard for success in the LCS. Individually, each player plays at their peak and consistently finishes among the best in their position group. They are the best team North America has to offer, and they are definitely poised for a world championship if they continue to do what they’ve done this season.

The road will certainly be tough, but Team Liquid has battled through adversity time and time again.

Doublelift Will Lead the Way

When compared to the other ADCs in Group D, Peter “Doublelift” Peng is by far the most poised for success. His 5.32 K/D/A in 2019 is the highest in the group, as he’s been very difficult to handle thus far. He’s also likely the most ready for the opportunity, as he’s been to worlds every season since 2015.

In the ever-changing meta of Season 9, Team Liquid has stuck to the same style of play. They haven’t adapted like other teams, and Doublelift feels that’s the best way for he and his team to win.

“[We] give the enemy team as little options as possible,” Doublelift says when describing Team Liquid’s game plan. He, of course, is at the center of their scheme, as he’s one of the most emphatic players in the world. When Doublelift gets used properly in Team Liquid’s game plan, he becomes very hard to stop and typically gives his team the advantage. His carry potential alone could shift momentum in TL’s favor when needed.

As the best ADC in North America, Doublelift has a lot to prove at worlds this fall. However, Yong-in “CoreJJ‘ Jo will be by his side every step of the way. Together, these two create the best Bottom Lane duo in the LCS, and potentially the world. CoreJJ recently won split MVP in his first split in North America, while also being nominated for another the following split. Even if times get dark for Team Liquid, there will always be a beacon of hope in the Bottom Lane.


Featured Image Courtesy of LoL Esports.

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