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Doublelift and CoreJJ Need to Play the Lover’s Duo More

LCS Week 5 Preview featuring Team Liquid.

With a pair like Peter ‘Doublelift‘ Peng and Yong-in ‘CoreJJ‘ Jo, it’s hard to believe that Team Liquid have actually lost games this season. Nonetheless, Doublelift and CoreJJ have proven to be one of the best duos in the world. Whether it’s fighting 2v2, playing with the team or anything else: these two are exceptional. During the Spring Split, both were respectfully named to the 1st Team All-LCS, along with their Jungler Jake ‘Xmithie‘ Puchero. In addition, CoreJJ’s dominance earned him the spring MVP award.

Not much can be questioned when it comes to TL’s dynamic duo, especially their synergy. It seems that CoreJJ has an incredible feel for his duo partner, no matter the circumstance. However, their synergy is maximized when they play the Lover’s Duo of Xayah and Rakan.

All-Pro Synergy With Xayah and Rakan

In four matches thus far, Doublelift has put up a 13.3 K/D/A on Xayah, along with CoreJJ’s 6 K/D/A on Rakan. The pair’s effortless play with these champions has notched them three wins in those games, including a massive opening day win over TSM. Their soundness and talent make the Lover’s Duo a perfect fit for them and it’s definitely shown. The sheer mobility and damage output of these champions allow for more winnable fighting opportunities, which typically go in favor of Team Liquid.

Doublelift and CoreJJ NEED to play Xayah and Rakan more
Image Courtesy of Riot Games.

What truly separates them from their peers is their ability to perform individually, even with champions that rely on outside help. Xayah and Rakan obviously work best when together, but CoreJJ knows how to utilize Rakan properly outside of lane. This usually leads to well-executed roams in other lanes, while Doublelift builds up experience on the Bottom side.

However, things get crazy when the two come together. Xayah and Rakan have incredible burst capability, allowing for a lot of aggressive play. This specific aspect of the game is one of CoreJJ’s fortes, making him very hard to stop in lane. As for Doublelift, Xayah gives him a lot of damage with the chance of escaping by using Featherstorm. Her strength alone is enough to make her a top marksman, but Doublelift at the helm makes her lethal.

How the Lover’s Duo Impacts Team Play

As a team, Team Liquid thrive together. Whether it’s securing an objective or trying to close out a match, most of their success comes from group play. If Xayah and Rakan are thrown into the mix as well, there’s almost no chance for defeat.

The Lover’s Duo gives TL the chance of out-skirmishing their opponents. The mobility of Rakan allows for seamless transitions between focal targets, resulting in lob-sided team fights. On top of this, Xayah’s scattered daggers make it difficult for enemies to position themselves properly, allowing allies to take advantage. Qualities like these are why Xayah and Rakan can be so useful in fighting scenarios with the team.

The above clip directly shows how important these two champions can be in tough situations. Even if the fight looks lost early on, Xayah and Rakan have ways of turning things around. Team Liquid’s success with this duo in recent weeks should increase their confidence. Hopefully, they’ll use it more in the future.


Featured Image Courtesy of Korizon Esports.

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