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T1 Eliminated: LCK Summer Playoffs T1 vs AF


T1 versus AF was a highly entertaining match up, a proper start for the LCK Summer Playoffs. Each game provided different forms of entertainment, from team fight mayhem, to wild across the map shots, to even the classic Faker pop off.

Game 1: The Fiesta

T1 starts Game 1 by securing a lead with the first three dragon. But as AF acquires the fourth dragon, AF denies T1 Dragon Soul. Right after Dragon, Yong-jun “Fly” Song as Twisted Fate steps on a Caitlyn trap. At this point, Teddy head shots TF, and T1 moves in for an all in engage. This was T1’s biggest mistake.

Ju-hyeon “Clozer” Lee, playing Zoe, flashes in. Immediately, Seong-jun “Mystic” Jin shoots and kills Clozer in the face with Miss Fortune ultimate. T1’s over commit results in a perfectly grouped members for Miss Fortune’s mayhem.

With Zoe dead, TF uses ultimate to attack the back line, successfully blocking off escape routes for T1. The entirety of T1 is killed. AF acquire Baron off this, and secure a lead.

The next team fight, Twisted Fate engages by using ultimate in the smack dab in the middle of T1’s entire team. This move disoriented T1’s synergy, and the team split apart like the red sea.

Akali picks up a double kill, and the rest of T1 gets picked off one at a time.

After the fight, AF pushes the nexus for the win.

T1’s loss in Game 1 came from the team’s lack of coordination. One unforeseen play, and T1’s formation fell apart. Maybe Clozer felt the pressure of his first ever playoffs? Maybe the team itself simply is not as coordinated as AF?

To attempt to fix this, T1 substitutes Clozer for the renown Sang-hyeok “Faker” Lee.

T1 vs AF
Courtesy of LCK YouTube

Game 2: The Return of Faker

Game 2 is a whole different story. Faker roams the map, keeping the members of T1 composed.

They know how much is too much this time around, and where to capitalize to win trades. Faker utilizes Twisted Fate to teleport across the map, securing leads for mid, top, and bot lanes. At sixteen minutes into the game, the score is 10-2, and the game snowballs into T1’s favor.

With the map pressure from all lanes winning, AF has no chance to come back. T1 pushes one objective at a time, winning the game in twenty five minutes, with a score of 19-3.

T1 keeps hopes up, confident in Game 3. They have Faker, and Faker has T1.

T1 vs AF game 2
Courtesy of LCK YouTube

Game 3

Faker plays this game too, but his impact stands less substantial as Game 2. This time on Sett, he gets picked out by the enemy jungler and gives first blood to Fly, who is on Zoe.

To make matters even worse, Mystic (Ezreal) snipes Woo-chan “Cuzz” Moon (Karthus) in the jungle. Mystic had zero vision on Cuzz, sending out the ultimate purely on intuition. The unlucky Cuzz dies at his golems, giving red buff to Mystic.

T1 cannot stop Mystic and Fly, as they deal massive consistent damage.

The game continues to snowball out of control for T1. By fifteen minutes, both Faker and Cuzz are 0-2, creating a massive rift in T1’s map control.

AF takes advantage of this, securing rift heralds and dragons. AF take control of the entire map, getting barons and objectives barely contested by T1.

T1 cannot keep up with rotations, and AF easily push the nexus to finish off the series 2-1.

Courtesy of LCK YouTube


In Conclusion..

T1 vs AF effectively eliminated T1 from LCK Summer Split Playoffs. Clozer under performed, as did Faker in Game three. AF performed many miracles in the games, catching T1 off guard, and killing Faker many times. AF will have to fight GEN.G next, hopefully they keep it up!



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