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Star Guardian Urgot is Seen in April Fools Skin Trailer

Ever since the skin line was released people have been wanting there to be a Star Guardian Urgot skin. Well, Riot has heard the pleas of the fans and will be coming out with Pajama Guardian Cosplay Urgot. This was seen in their newest trailer for April Fools skins. Tristana and Veigar will also be getting new Cosplay skins. Tristana is in a Featherknight costume and Veigar will be in a Furyhorn one.

Again this has been a skin that many people have been trying to get for quite a while. Images below are some that fans had thought up in the past.

Courtesy of

Even this full-on cosplay from Anime Expo by Leah Stevo.

While these two don’t exactly look like what Riot ended up using it is still interesting to see what their concepts were.

With the skin having its own trailer and it being on PBE it seems likely that it will release with the convenient patch being on April 1 also known as April Fools day.

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