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League of Legends

Several Champion Buffs Coming in Patch 10.6

Several Champion Changes Coming to Patch 10.6

League of Legends patch 10.6 is currently live on the PBE servers, and it includes a wide variety of new changes to items and champions. All of the changes that are set to release on the live servers can be found here. The following are the several champion changes that are coming in patch 10.6.

Champion Buffs

Several Champion Buffs Coming in Patch 10.6

Image Courtesy of Riot Games

A total of 13 champions are receiving significant buffs in patch 10.6.

Anivia‘s ultimate, Glacial Storm can no longer be cancelled by crowd control.

Soraka is receiving a buff to make her more viable as a traditional support after the solo lane nerfs. The healing and movement speed on her Q, Starcall, are increasing.

Twisted Fate is receiving buffs to the ability power ratios for the blue and red cards on his W, Pick a Card.

With all of the dashes and escapes that many of the new champions have, it’s becoming more difficult for Urgot to stick onto targets. The duration of the slow on his Q, Corrosive Charge, as well as the duration of the stun on his E, Disdain, are increasing.

Veigar is receiving buffs that will help him farm and survive in the early stages of the game. His base attack damage, base attack damage per level and his base armor are increasing. The damage on his Q, Baleful Strike, is also increasing by 10 damage each rank.

Xerath is receiving buffs that will feel more rewarding when you land your skillshots. His W, Eye of Destruction, is receiving an increase to the slow effect, and the damage and scaling on his ultimate, Rite of the Arcane, are increasing.

Jungle Buffs

Several Champion Buffs Coming in Patch 10.6
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Brand is receiving a buff to make him more viable in the jungle. His passive, Blaze, now deals 120 percent damage against monsters up to a maximum of 80 damage per second. This should significantly increase Brand’s jungle clear speed, however it’s still unclear if he will make an impact.

Kindred is fairly weak in comparison to some of the top tier jungle champions. Her W, Wolf’s Frenzy, and her ultimate, Lamb’s Respite, are both receiving buffs to their healing.

Morgana is also receiving buffs in the jungle. Her base movement speed is increasing, her W, Tormented Shadow now deals one and half percent damage to monsters, and the shield on her E, Black Shield, is increasing.

Shen is receiving a buff to his ability to fight against jungle camps. His Q, Twilight Assault, is receiving an increase to maximum damage it can do to monsters, which could make up for his weaknesses in the jungle.

Teemo is receiving buffs to fight jungle camps more effectively. His Q, Blinding Dart, now blinds minions and monsters for 200 percent of the normal duration, and his E, Toxic Shot, now deals 150 percent damage against monsters.

Yorick is receiving buffs to his ability to maintain enough ghouls to clear jungle camps and stay healthy. Large monsters will now always leave a grave, and his ghouls take 50 percent less damage from monsters.

It’s interesting that Zyra is receiving buffs to her clear speed, considering how quickly she can clear them already. Her passive, Garden of Thorns, now deals 150 percent damage to monsters.

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