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Seraphine Confirmed as the Next League of Legends Champion

In a press released, Riot Game confirmed that Seraphine would be coming to League of Legends. Seraphine, the Starry-Eyed Songstress will be a Support/Mid laner according to the release. This was something many anticipated a long time ago but it was nearly confirmed when she joined KDA. For everything that has lead up to Seraphine getting to this point, check out this article outlining her journey and who she is. Also, see when Seraphine is likely to come out on the PBE and live servers.

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Seraphine has long been rumored to be one of the next League of Legends champions. As a reminder, her Twitter account popped up back in June. From there, the character of Seraphine has been tweeting as if she was in the real world. She has produced music and told fans all about her life. It was when she made a cover for KDA’s Pop/Stars that everyone started to notice her.

Since then she has been added to the KDA lineup officially and is performing at Worlds 2020. Riot Games have never done this before, where they brought a League of Legends character into the real world. People have been responding positively and it wouldn’t be surprising to see them try something like this in the future.

When looking at her, it seems as though her abilities might be similar to Sonas. This in the sense that she is riding a platform and everything will likely have to do with music. It feels unlikely that she would be a healer just because she would be too similar to Sona at that point but, it will be interesting to see what her abilities do. Lastly, take note that they do refer to her as a Support and Mid. This could mean that she is a more damage-oriented Support like Brand or Zyra, something the game has not seen in a while.

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