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Senna Gameplay Reveal

Senna gameplay

Those League fans that were tuned into the Worlds Quarterfinals this morning likely saw the short video released showing a sample of what to expect from Senna when she is released. For those who are unaware, Riot recently announced that the next Champion to be released is Senna, the Redeemer. She has long been present in the lore of the game as the wife of Lucian, who was hunted by Thresh, who captured her soul in his iconic Lantern. As of their epic 10-year celebration, she has escaped, and will soon find her way to the Rift as a powerful Marksman Support.

In the spirit of a slow rollout building excitement for a new release, fans were first treated with a lore-based video – an artistic interpretation of her escape, from which only pure speculation can be made regarding her in-game potential. Continuing in this vein, today’s video showed her actual (possible) gameplay, but without any numbers or details. Interpretation of this 17 second clip is based purely on knowledge of things already in the game, but that may be enough to glean an idea of what players will get when she finally goes live.

The Abilities

Laning with Lucian, she leads off with her E. It’s not completely clear whether she becomes untargetable or totally invisible, but for several seconds she seems to return to spirit form, floating through the lane. This has earned comparisons to Pyke and will likely be similar to the Ripper’s Ghostwater Dive. Where it will differ is that it is not limited to her alone. Whether she selects her lane partner, or it procs because he is within range, it seems that Lucian gains some bonuses from this ability as well. There is a chance that this could come as a bonus only to Lucian, acting as a specific duo buff similar to those enjoyed by Xayah and Rakan.

She then hits Thresh with her W, which seems to be a delayed root, locking Thresh in place after about a second. She follows this up with a Q and then her Ult, an AOE damage ability appears reminiscent of Aurelian Sol’s ultimate, Voice of Light; except that its width exceeds that of the lane. The Q looks just like Lucian’s, and seems to do a similar damage effect.

While some similarities and synergy with Lucian are expected, there is also a deep lore connection to Thresh, and it appears she has pulled something from his kit. Her passive collects little “souls” from the map, and though the effect is still unclear, the mechanic is certainly familiar.

The next step is for Riot to release the details of her abilities, so keep a look out over the next few weeks to really get a detailed look at what she can do.

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