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League of Legends Season 10 Will Arrive This Week

Season Ten Will Arrive This Week

League of Legends Season 10 will arrive this week on January 10. The ranked ladders will receive a soft reset, forcing players to climb once again and race to reach challenger status. Players will be placed into a provisional rank that will take their rank at the end of season nine into account, and they will have to play eight placement matches to determine their starting rank.

New Patch

A new patch will release alongside the beginning of Season 10, bringing new changes to existing champions, items and runes, as well as the release of the newest champion, Sett. Patch 10.1 should bring significant changes to the preseason metagame, considering just how many balance changes the patch currently includes. All of the changes that will come with patch 10.1 can be found here.

New Skins

Season 10 Will Arrive This Week
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

13 new skins are releasing on January 10 to celebrate the beginning of Season 10. The brand new Mecha Kingdoms skin line will include skins for Sett, Draven, Garen, Jax and Leona, as well as a prestige edition Mecha Kingdoms skin for Garen. The Guardian of the Sands skin line will receive an expansion to include skins for Rengar, Janna and Ryze. A new expansion for the Dragonslayer skin line is also releasing, bringing new skins for Diana, Olaf and Trundle. Sylas is receiving a Freljord skin alongside the release of his mini-rework. Expect several of these champions to be incredibly popular during the early stages of Season 10.


A new season is always an exciting time for League of Legends players, as they grind to achieve their desired ranks. Playing a newly balanced or reworked champion, or purchasing a new skin is a great way to celebrate the new season. The preseason has brought positive changes to League of Legends, and it will be exciting seeing what the future holds.


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Featured photo from Riot Games

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