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Sea Dog Yasuo Skin Revealed

Sea Dog Yasuo

Just like that, it is 2022 and League of Legends is still bringing out skins for a lot of champions that have not had many in the past few years. They are starting the year by bringing out new skins for previous lines. This time though, they revealed a stand-alone skin for Yasuo. Here is a look at the new Sea Dog Yasuo skin.

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Sea Dog Yasuo


This skin is not technically a Ruined skin in the sense that it is officially part of that line. Instead, this is a skin from The Ruined King game that launched last year. This was Riot Games first RPG story-driven game along with their first game from Riot Forge. Despite the game being delayed and then shadow released, it received good reviews.

For those who may not know, Spoiler Alerts ahead.

The game focuses on Bilgewater with Viego, Illaoi, Miss Fortune and Gangplank at its center. With them, Ahri, Yasuo, Pyke, Braum and other champions help to support the story. For Yasuo, he is helping Ahri as her bodyguard of sorts. This gets him caught up in the mess that is the rest of The Ruined King story which readers will have to play for themselves to see what happens.

It was a bit surprising to see Yasuo get a skin here. Mostly because Gangplank the Betrayer, which was also just released, actually makes more sense. This skin for Yasuo is clearly from the game as his sword, the armor and everything else going around him are from The Ruined King. This is a really good-looking skin but they are clearly just doing this one because Yasuo is such a popular champion.

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