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Schalke Lose Third in a Row Ahead of G2 Rematch

Schalke Lose Third in a Row Ahead of G2 Rematch

Schalke 04 have been one of the stand-out teams of the LEC’s Spring Season, being the only team to defeat both G2 and Rogue. However, the once surging dark horses are now on a three-game losing streak ahead of a tough rematch against G2.

They Started an Impressive Run in The Second Week

Schalke Lose Third in a Row Ahead of G2 Rematch

S04 BrokenBlade – Image Courtesy of Schalke 04

Schalke started the 2021 season with aspirations to continue their good form from the end of last season. They started an impressive run in the second week where they handed G2 their first loss.

They continued their run in the next week defeating the only other undefeated team in the league, Rogue. By this point, their record was sitting at 5-2 as making them the sole third-place holders in the league.

Their Four-Game Win Streak Found an Abrupt End Last Week

Schalke’s four-game win streak found an abrupt end last week when they faced Astralis. The loss was particularly disappointing because Astralis were on a four-game losing streak, sitting at the bottom of the league.

They suffered their second loss in a row against MAD Lions, going winless for the first time this season.  The loss also put an end to Schalke’s hold on the third-place position, sending them behind Fnatic at the end of the fourth week.

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They May Fall Behind in the Race for Playoffs

Schalke Lose Third in a Row Ahead of G2 Rematch
S04 Abbedagge – Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Schalke couldn’t find a win in their opening match of week five either. Their third loss in a row came against SK Gaming who managed to tie them at fifth position.

Schalke currently hold an even record at 5-5 and they will face up against G2 in a highly anticipated rematch in their next game.

If Schalke can’t manage to pull off another upset against G2, this will put them on a four-game losing streak and quite possibly set them behind their competitors in the race for playoffs.

Unlike Schalke, G2 are in high spirits. They defeated Rogue last week to rejoin them at the top of the league and they won their first game of week five against Astralis after a scrappy game.

The game between the two teams is highlighted as LEC’s match of the week and it will very likely be exciting to watch.


Featured Image Courtesy of Riot Games

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