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Schalke 04 Week 4 Preview

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Once again Schalke 04 have found themselves in another disappointing 0-2 weekend. This week brought the replacement of Gilius for Lurox with little to no change in performance from the team. With a rough week 4 ahead, can fans see them pull off a win before they turn into Schalke 04. What can Schalke do to fix this failing team to secure them a victory in week 4? Are they going to go 0-18 or will they change something to finally be victorious? Here is the Schalke 04 week 4 preview and week 3 review.

Schalke 04 Week 3 Review

Schalke 04 (0-4) vs Misfits (2-2)

Schalke vs misfits
Picture Courtesy of Misfits Gaming

Both teams drafted interesting compositions that involved getting lots of picks and side lane control. Misfits came into this game hungry with the will to survive as they did not die a single time the entire game. Schalke looked scared and confused when it came down to any objective they tried to contest. This game so far was the worst performance from Schalke all split long. Misfits on the other hand are surging as they now have won 3 straight games in a row.

Player of the Game: Febiven

Schalke 04 (0-5) vs SK Gaming (1-4)

Crownshot giving out high fives to fans after a win
Picture Courtesy of Riot Games

Schalke once again drafted another team composition that has good side lane control with Aatrox and Rumble. SK matched in side lane picks with the Mordekaiser and Ornn to compete with them. Early game was a fiesta with a bad disrespectful play from FORG1VEN that gave first blood. SK gave up a couple kills in there jungle due to a good play from Schalke. Throughout the game though the same issues seemed to follow Schalke around objectives. Schalke are not on the same page at all and its really making them look like they deserve last place. Once again Schalke end up losing the game and SK improved to 2-4.

Player of the Game: Trick

Schalke 04 Week 4 Preview


Schalke 04 (0-6) vs Rogue (3-3)

Rogue giving out high fives after a win in the lec
Picture Courtesy of Riot Games

This match will be the easier of the two games this week for Schalke. Rogue will look to get an advantage in the bot side with Hans Sama so expect to see lots of action in bot lane. Schalke should match the pressure and try to get a good matchup for FORG1VEN. Overall the other lanes are pretty even as everyone on both teams are equal in individual strength.

The game will come down to who makes the better mid gameplays and Macro plays. Schalke should look to get a lead in bot lane and push in the side lanes to keep Rogue split and attempt to silence Hans Sama. Rogue, on the other hand, should look to abuse the lack of coordination from Schalke and shove in all lanes and do not let Schalke a chance to breathe.

Winner- Rogue

Schalke 04 (0-6) vs G2 (6-0)

Picture Courtesy of Riot Games

Schalke will not see any mercy from G2 this week as G2 are looking to keep the hot streak going. More than likely they will pull out some unseen pick they want to practice with. G2 likes to play with there food but they are not afraid to finish quickly.

Schalke on the other hand should try to focus on the Macro play and improve on there team communication. G2’s usual weak spot is in the early game so Schalke needs to exploit that. G2 do not have many issues crawling back into games when mid-game rolls around so Schalke needs to keep on there toes at all times. The game will come down to Schalke showing how they can play as a team.

Winner- G2 


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