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Rogue’s Glass Ceiling

Playoffs, World's, A Rogue Perspective

Rogue’s glass ceiling seems to grow more evident week after week, even when other teams accomplish what Rogue seems to be incapable of. Rogue’s record against G2 falls to 0-7, and their record versus FNATIC, who they play this week, is 0-6. The talent, the skill, the teamwork is there for Rogue. However, whenever FNATIC or G2 stands across the rift, something goes drastically wrong. Whether its getting out skirmished across the board. Or having a disastrous early game. Something always steps in Rogue’s way to stop them from getting these crucial victories. FNATIC and G2 are the best teams in Europe year in and year out. A team does not arrive as a contender until that team takes down one or the other, or even both. Other teams have been able to add that G2 or FNATIC notch to their belt, but it seems to elude Rogue at every turn.

Rogue’s Glass Ceiling exists, why?

Rogue’s glass ceiling does in fact exist. Against G2 last week, they lost 16-9 on kills, and had no answer to the Rek Sai and TF combination. G2 always chose the fight, chose the pick. Rogue were never able to consistently get proper fights. Rogue’s tendency to play scaling lanes that have play making ability to follow up with Inspired works against most teams. However, against the likes of G2 and FNATIC, it takes too long for Rogue to get into position to fight. As fans, a few more early game selections, for example, champions like Syndra and Kalista. Champions that hard spike at one to two items and can compete with the up tempo style of G2 and FNATIC. Wait, Rogue have been playing faster games? However, those games are against the bottom table teams. Rogue still exists as a more talented version of Origen. Given Origen has struggled mightily so far in summer. Draft adjustments need to come into play whenever Rogue plays G2 and FNATIC for victory to be achieved.

FNATIC exists above Rogue's glass ceiling
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How can Rogue beat FNATIC?

The game this week against FNATIC has paramount importance for Rogue. As a team, they can compete with FNATIC, just a few tweaks need to happen in order for that to happen. First, pick up an aggressive 2v2 lane for Hans Sama and Vander. Do not allow Hylissang to roam around the map without Rekkles getting punished for it. Secondly, get Larssen a winning matchup mid. This will allow Inspired to make plays across the map. Lastly, avoid any draft curveballs that FNATIC can throw. Minimize the odd ball picks they can use. For example, the Zac top with Ornn mid FNATIC used in one of the two games from spring. Get as close to a standard vs standard comp as possible. If these points are achieved, victory is within Rogue’s reach. Rogue possesses strong macro play when the game plays out standard. It’s when things go off script that Rogue cannot adapt in game fast enough to recoup things.

Hans Sama is the key to breaking Rogue's glass ceiling
Confident Hans Sama

Looking Forward

With FNATIC and MAD Lions on the docket, Rogue has everything in their own hands to put a stamp on being first place. Despite their loss to G2, Rogue performance in the rest of their games so far has been stellar. Just a few more pieces need to fall into place for contendership for the title to become reality for Rogue. Adaptability to enemy’s aggression is the biggest weakness that exists for Rogue currently. This exists due to their approach of double scaling carries and plenty of engage. Therefore, early game skirmishes do not fall in Rogue’s favor baring misplays. However, a small adaptation in terms of getting Hans Sama onto his signature Kalista. A pick that has been a legacy pick for him ever since he turned professional. Hans Sama used to be known as a Lucian/Kalista/Draven three trick. If he didn’t play any of those champs he was useless as a carry. That has changed since he joined Rogue. Returning to those roots while keeping Larssen on scaling gives Rogue the early game firepower they need to fight against the rest of the league.

Rogue’s glass ceiling exists. The team shuts down the teams below them, but teams they are even with, or are the G2’s or FNATIC’s those are where the losses occur. Fans cannot fault Rogue’s consistency in beating teams that they should beat. It’s when games get tougher the question marks arise. The potential exists for this team. Some of the points that needed improvement had come through. Just a couple more pieces need to come into place for Rogue to stake their claim as a top of the table team. Watching the growth as a fan has been wondrous, now diversify the champion play pattern to round out the strategy pool. And Rogue will surpass their moniker as a lesser Origen.

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