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Rogue, Vander, Rekkles, Alphari, Braum: Statistical Standouts in the LEC Summer Split

Rogue is tied for first in the 2020 LEC Summer Split

The 2020 LEC Summer Split has four weeks under its belt, and the standings are far from preseason expectations. Rogue and MAD Lions lead the pack, followed by G2 and Misfits. A five-way tie for fifth follows, while Schalke 04 sits in last place.

Beyond the scorelines and standings, a number of statistics stand out at this point in the split. Players, teams, and champions are showing strength in different ways, separating themselves from the pack. Here are a few of note.

Rogue: +1.5 Gold Percent Rating, 92% Baron Control

Gold Percent Rating is a rarely-used stat that measures the percentage of total gold each team holds. Record how much gold each team holds every minute, add it together, divide each teams’ amount over the total amount, and subtract them. Rogue’s +1.5 means they average a full 1.5 percent of the total gold in the game ahead of their opponents.

Rogue versus SK Gaming (LEC Summer Split, Week 4)
Rogue versus SK Gaming (LEC Summer Split, Week 4)

For example, in this screenshot of Rogue versus SK Gaming, Rogue holds 36,000 gold, while SK golds 29,700. This means 65,700 total gold is in the game, split into 54.8 percent for Rogue and 45.2 percent for SK. Therefore, Rogue has 9.6 percent more of the total gold than SK, meaning 4.8 percent more than a 50/50 split. That +4.8 is Rogue’s GPR in this exact moment. If you took these snapshots every minute of every Rogue game and averaged them, then that would come out to +1.5 for Rogue over these first four weeks.

To contextualize the stat, Excel’s 0.60 is second place, and G2’s 0.30 is third place. DragonX in LCK holds a +1.29 GPR. Rogue is out-classing Europe in how often they hold a lead, and how much of the total gold in the game they account for. Add in their 92 percent Baron control rate, and Rogue have some of the most pronounced strengths in the LEC. 

Vander: KDA 13.3

Vander has had a huge impact from the support position this split. Over nine games he has 72 assists, eight kills and only six deaths. To put that into perspective, MAD Lions’ support Kaiser has the next highest KDA at 9.9. Beneath them, Vitality’s Labrov is the next highest support KDA at 3.8. Rogue and MAD may be typing “supp diff” in the LEC all chat right now.

Rekkles: 6.6% Death Share

Another player with low deaths, Rekkles has the lowest death share of all LEC players. He and Upset only died eight times over nine games, and both bot laners’ teams have a 44 percent win rate. However, Rekkles’ teammates, namely Bwipo and Hylissang, die much more frequently than Upset’s. The 6.6 percent share is still extremely low.

Alphari has the highest gold difference at 10 minutes
Image from LoL Esports Flickr

Alphari: +414 Gold Diff @10

Origen averages a 355 gold deficit at 15 minutes. Yet somehow, Alphari stands out with the highest gold difference at 10 minutes in the LEC. Not only is he 90 gold ahead of the next highest player, he is also 320 gold ahead of the next top laner. Origen trust Alphari with good reason, as demonstrated in his 67 percent counter-pick rate.

Braum: 80% Counter-Pick Rate, 80% Win Rate (over 5 games)

While Braum is no where near the top of the champion priority list, he is seemingly one of the most successful counter-picks in Europe. Out of his five games played, teams picked Braum after the opposing team drafted their support champion 80 percent of the time, and they won 80 percent of the time. Most of these niche champion picks have not had such success. For example, Tahm Kench was counter-picked 92 percent of the time, but only won 38 percent of 13 games. Zoe carries a 14 percent win rate over seven games, despite an 86 percent counter-pick rate.


All statistics from Oracles Elixir

Images from LoL Esports Flickr

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