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Rogue are Baby Origen No Longer

Rogue is tied for first in the 2020 LEC Summer Split

For the longest time, the narrative around Rogue consisted of two words, baby Origen. These words existed for the team due to the similarity in playstyles between Rogue and Origen. Both teams favored scaling compositions that focused on team fighting. Everything changed with this during the 2020 Summer Split. Rogue rose above the name that was given to them, to take on a new moniker. One that teams will regret using. That of the forgotten top team.

Why no longer Baby Origen?

The concern around Rogue, ever since the roster swaps, laid in the fact that they lacked a identity. They were always considered to be Origen light, or baby Origen. With this split, Rogue put that fully to bed. The team continued to stick to their formulaic and consistent playstyle. But the play of individual players and especially that of Vander and Hans Sama leveled up significantly. Rogue lead the LEC in early game gold advantage. The team accomplished this by always being first to rotate players to an objective or to a side of the map. By always being first, enemy teams had to play catch up.

Diagnosing the Rogue style

Rogue rises above their nickname

When it comes to what defines Rogue as a team, in how they play the game, it’s a clear step by step process. Get vision set up for the play, deny enemy vision, rotate to objectives first to ensure favorable position. Always maintain side lane control and priority. And most importantly, allow Larssen and Hans Sama to carry. Rogue generally favors strong front line compositions with Larssen on a control mage. Hans Sama’s pick can fluctuate as needed. A strong resemblance to the older Korean style can be scene in Rogue’s play, however, it is adapted for the current state of the game.

Teamfighting, Teamfighting, Teamfighting

Baby Origen no longer applies to Rogue, despite the fact Rogue’s inherent style has not changed. They have surpassed the limits that existed for Origen. They are their own team, even if the style isn’t flashy or buzzworthy, it produces consistent results. This comes from one thing. The backbone of the team. Larssen’s ability to execute in teamfights exists on another level compared to every other mid laner in the LEC. His champion pool some consider suspect. Azir and Orianna are his two power picks, along with his Ryze and Corki. One play that sticks out was the game versus SK where Larssen on Azir by himself denied entrance to the entire SK team into river due to his ability to maneuver and place his Sand Soldiers in the proper spots.

Worlds 2020
Worlds 2020

World’s Bound for what was Baby Origen

Now, baby Origen no longer, Rogue, have accomplished the goal that every professional team strives for. Making the World Championship tournament. But their work in the LEC remains unfinished. For playoffs exist on the horizon.

Even with World’s clinched for Rogue, the opportunity before them, to become the fourth team to win a European championship in League of Legends. That goal, that reality, exists within reach for Rogue. The path will not be easy, but no path ever worth walking is easy.

Baby Origen no longer applies, nor will it ever apply again to Rogue. What the team accomplished this season cannot be ignored or denied. Taking first in the summer and qualifying for Worlds, the first team to do so, cannot be understated. While the team’s stance in a global concept and idea remains to be seen, the fact remains that at the moment, Rogue are the standard-bearer for European League of Legends.


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