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River Officially Signs With Dignitas For The 2022 LCS Season

Dignitas River

After a few weeks of rumors, Dignitas has officially signed River for the Jungle role for their 2022 LCS Roster. This comes after a year of Jungle issues for Dignitas. After letting go of Dardoch during the Summer Split, the team went with their Academy player Akaadian. Akaadian did great, but it seems the org wanted to move in a new direction dropping him earlier in offseason. The official tweet of the signing is below:

River Is a Big Signing:

While the majority of Dignitas’s offseason has been pretty standard, this is a big signing for them. River was formerly on PSG Talon and made it to MSI Semifinals and Worlds Group Stage. He dominated the PCS with  506 GD10, 435 XPD10, 9.3 CSD 10 and a KDA of 8.5. While it is true that the PCS isn’t the strongest region in the world, these stats are still incredibly impressive. PSG Talon was just a dominate team. If River is able to bring stats even close to that to the LCS, Dignitas will be in a good spot.

Unfortunately, Dignitas has issues with their roster in other spots that may weigh them down. Of every possible Mid Laner to get, Dignitas decided to get Blue from SK. Blue had by far the worst stats of any Mid Laner in the LEC. To be fair, SK was awful, but he wasn’t good either. And then of every Top Laner, Dignitas decided to keep FakeGod who had a sinful Summer split. FakeGod was on the other end of the biggest GD15 in LCS history and had some of the worst laning stats. While the roster may still be good, these moves on paper just seem to make no sense, especially with signing an amazing player like River.

Frankly, it just seems like River won’t be able to compete with Dignitas despite his best efforts. Time will tell, but it isn’t looking bright, no matter how good River is.

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