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Riot Teases New League of Legends Champion with Ability Artwork

New League Champion Artwork

Riot has plenty left in store for 2021. In the April 2021 Roadmap, the League of Legends team released a few updates on what players can expect in the coming months. Even though both Dr.Mundo and Udyr are receiving a visual improvement, players are much more excited about the newest two champions. These two characters were first introduced by hints during the 2021 Preview live stream event from Riot. With some key artwork revealed, players now have a better idea of what to expect from these new champions.

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In the roadmap article, Riot pulled the curtain back just a bit to give players a snapshot at who the champions are. While audiences still don’t know the official look of these characters, there are a few concept art pieces that could definitely fit the bill for official art.

The Mid Lane Marksman

The first champion to get the spotlight is the newest marksman. The plan for the latest AD carry is to duel it out in the mid lane, rather than the bot lane. With the help of a trust grappling hook, the new champion is definitely equipped with mobility to escape any hairy situation. They are a sentinel, much like Lucian and Senna, but the rest of their back story remains a mystery.

New League Champion Teasers
Courtesy of Riot Games

As a mobile carry, the new marksman should have no problem fitting into the current meta right away. Other carries with incredible mobility see tons of play. Kai’sa and Samira were instant hits in the bot lane, but as a mid lane marksman it will be fascinating to see how they compare to the current mid lane staples.

A Gothic Yordle with a Short Temper

In a bit of a switch up, it looks like the latest mage champion is delayed. According to the April 2021 Roadmap, the yordle champion was slated to appear before the new mid lane marksman. The change was made due to some tech constraints to didn’t allow her to truly show off her character. Oddly enough her gameplay changed as well in the delay. The upcoming yordle was planned to be released as an artillery mage, but it appears as though through development her kit has changed to resemble a classic mage.

New League Champion Teasers
Courtesy of Riot Games

It seems like it’ll be a tough decision whether or not the development team decides to keep the new yordle champ an artillery mage. If they do, she will be one of the few true long-range mages in the game. It could be quite some time before players can head to the rift with a new yordle champion. But based one on very ominous teaser art, the latest champion seems to be quite the formidable foe.

Players will get a chance to play the newest champions soon enough. Their release schedule is still a mystery, but no doubt they will be extremely popular additions to the game.

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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games

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