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League of Legends

Riot Teases 3 New Champions for League of Legends

Riot Teases New Champions

On Friday, January 8, Riot Games broadcasted a livestream to accompany the first day of the 2021 ranked League of Legends season. The livestream featured plenty of new content headed to the Rift, including a brand new champion, Viego.

However, the Riot development team didn’t stop at just unveiling a new playable character. They also teased the future new champions they have planned. Each champion received a brief screenshot and a cryptic description to keep the fans guessing.

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Needle and Thread

This Champion will Be Gwen, Click Here for a Look at Her

Riot Teases New Champions
Courtesy of Riot Games

The first teaser Riot delivered featured what looks to be a magical needle and thread. The new champion is described as a magic damage brawler “tailor made for the top lane”. As a potential new top-lane bruiser, the teased character doesn’t seem to have clear ambitions and allegiances yet to tie in with the overarching Ruined King story. Riot wants to carve out a role for this new champ, and it looks like it will be a pure top-lane character focused around creating and sewing together abilities.

Bandle Artillery
Riot Teases New Champions
Courtesy of Riot Games

The secdond champion teased in the livestream is a long-range mage character that hails from Bandle City. The description mentions growing tired of skill shots and overall hyperactivity in the game. Potentially, this new character could focus around slowing the game down around them and dealing damage from far away while locking down those pesky mobile champions. The connection between Bandle City and the Shadow Isles gives the impression that this character could be our first Yordle-Ghost type character.

Marksmen of the Light
Riot Teases New Champions
Courtesy of Riot Games

The last champion hint shows an empty room with light focusing on a banner. The banner shares a similar icon to the stone Vayne brushed off in the “Ruination” cinematic. This last champion is described as a marksmen similar to Senna. While they may not be a traditional bot-lane marksmen, they will have the option to flex around the map. The new champion is a “light champion”. Because of the ambiguity of that description, it could mean that this is the door for more story-centric characters to join the League of Legends cast.


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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games

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