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Riot Games and Louis Vuitton Collaboration

Riot Games Collaborates with Louis Vuitton

Riot Games and Louis Vuitton have revealed a collaboration for the new True Damage skin line. This is such an unexpected reveal, because esports and the fashion industry have so little in common. Nevertheless, the results are astonishing and show that two vastly different industries can create something incredible together. Check out how amazing the Riot Games and Louis Vuitton collaboration looks, as well as the rest of the True Damage skin line.

True Damage Skin Line

Riot Games and Louis Vuitton Collaboration
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Akali, Ekko, Qiyana, Yasuo and Senna are all receiving new skins as part of the True Damage skin line. Qiyana and Senna are both going to have prestige editions for the true damage skin designed by Louis Vuitton’s artistic director of women’s collections, Nicolas Ghesquière. The prestige skins have a high-end price of 3450 Riot Points, which equates to around $30. Senna’s prestige edition skin has yet to be revealed, but if it’s anything like Qiyana’s it will look great. The video trailer for the True Damage skin line can be found here.

Future Collaborations

This revolutionary collaboration from Riot Games and Louis Vuitton could open up the possibility for future collaborations. Riot Games may look to design more skins with Louis Vuitton, and even other popular fashion brands like Gucci, Chanel or Armani. Other game companies may also follow in Riot Games’ footsteps by collaborating with fashion brands to create skins for their game. It would be interesting to see if the roles were reversed, and Louis Vuitton released a League of Legends inspired clothing line.

New Music

Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Riot Games is also working with popular musicians Becky G, Keke Palmer, Soyeon, Duckwrth and Thutmose to produce a single called, “Giants”. The music video for the song will highlight the True Damage skin line, so look out for the release in the near future. The champions in the True Damage skin line will form a new virtual band. Each one of the artists listed will voice a champion in the video. Riot Games has a history of producing amazing songs and music videos throughout the years. They could take a step further and produce an entire album with these artists.



“Giants” will performed on November 10, before the finals of Worlds. Expect the performance to stick to the theme that was displayed during the KDA performance of Worlds 2018, where the artists performed the song alongside holograms of the featured champions. The skin line will also drop on November 10 with Senna’s release; however Senna’s prestige skin will not be released until early 2020.

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Featured photo from Riot Games

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