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A Look at the Rework Dr Mundo Skins

Rework Rageborn Dr Mundo Splash Art

After what has felt like an eternity since being announced as the next champion to get their rework, Dr Mundo will be coming to summoners rift soon. Fans will be wanting to see what his new abilities are, his updated lore, as well as his brand new skins. With that in mind, here is a look at the rework Dr Mundo skins and their splash arts.

*Note: This will be updated as more information is known.

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Base Dr Mundo

Corporate Mundo

Rework Corporate Mundo
Rework Corporate Mundo Annimation

Rageborn Mundo

Rework Rageborn Dr Mundo Splash Art
Rework Rageborn Dr Mundo Splash Art

This splash art was revealed on the Chinese League of Legends main site. That means it should be coming to the English League of Legends site soon but has not as of writing this.

Pool Party Mundo

El Macho Mundo

Toxic Dr Mundo

Mr Mundoverse

Mundo Mundo

Executioner Mundo

TPA Mundo

Frozen Prince Mundo


There is always the chance that more skins are released with the Dr Mundo rework. This happened with Volibear as he received the Thousand-Pierced Volibear skin with his new release. They also made a really big event to launch with Volibear. One should expect them to do the same with Dr Mundo as it looks like he will be coming soon.

The last major note in the latest champion roadmap makes it seems as though the identity of Dr Mundo will be changed a bit. He won’t be as silly but will still keep a bit of that charm. For most fans, they will mainly be upset if they take away the “Mundo goes where he pleases” line. As long as that stays, his identity should still feel familiar.

For everything on the Dr Mundo rework, make sure to keep it here at The Game Haus as there will be new updates until his release.

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