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PsyOps Event Guide

The newest League of Legends event is currently live, the PsyOps event is here and as per usual, there are new skins, emotes and more with it. As per usual, this event will run about a month. This time the PsyOps event will be live from September 3 to October 5. Make sure to get as many tokens as possible, this time it does not seem there will be a story within the client like the Spirit Blossom Festival. That means that players will be earning tokens as they did before, by completing certain tasks.

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PsyOps Skins

As of the initial writing of this piece, there are six skins in this new line. That does not mean that there will or won’t be more, but in the last event, Riot released more skins after the initial reveal. So keep a lookout for potentially more added as there have been some leaks of potentially more coming soon. This line comes out with Samira who is not yet available on the main client but will be in a couple of weeks.

Checkout the splashes for all of the skins here, for a list of the champions, look below.

  • Ezreal (Prestige)
  • Master Yi
  • Samira
  • Shen
  • Sona
  • Vi

PsyOps Shop

The shop is full of bundles that can only be bought with RP. If people do not feel like spending money, they can earn PsyOps tokens through playing games and completing different assigned tasks. These will require people to play with certain champions, earn gold, get a certain amount of kills or just play a certain amount of games.

PsyOps Bundles

PsyOps Token

PsyOps Shop


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