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Previewing and Predicting TSM vs C9: A Hopeful Redemption?

TSM vs C9

Good thing the first games of Splits are not normally indicative of the whole season, right? TSM had one of the best early game macros the LCS has seen, at least this season, they big-brained their way to taking down all of FLY’s outer turrets before they knew what to do. The problem was TSM did not push their advantage effectively and their draft was extremely suspect which is what cost them the game. Either way, going into the C9 game, TSM will be hoping for redemption not only from their first game but also the quarterfinals of the Lock In tournament. It is time to preview and predict the TSM vs C9 matchup for game two of TSM’s Spring season.

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2021 Spring Game 2: TSM vs Cloud9

Start Time: 7pm est/4pm pst

Top: Huni vs. Fudge
Jng: Spica vs. Blaber
Mid: PowerOfEvil vs. Perkz
Bot: Lost vs. Zven
Sup: SwordArt vs. Vulcan

Cloud9 had some bumps in the road on their way to victory against Golden Guardians but it was clear they had a plan, executed it and got their first win of the season. The entire strategy was to help Fudge and allow for the rest of the team to scale and do what they do best once the fighting truly began. For TSM they will want to take note of how C9 played this last game and watch their draft very closely.

For TSM they will likely not get the opportunity to play that excellent macro game as they did in game one. This is because C9 have too experienced of a team to allow for that to happen without much of an answer. They will attack TSM at every chink in the armor that becomes available to them. For TSM to find success, they need to at least go even in draft. That will be the main story here. If TSM lose the draft as they have a lot lately then their game may be over before it even begins.

Matchup to Watch: Spica vs Blaber

Last game Spica was put on Taliyah, a jungler who has maligned TSM so far in 2021. She has only been effective against them, never for them, even when she was played by them. Spica didn’t seem comfortable on her as he was basically invisible for much of the game. TSM have to have noticed this and need to put Spica on something where he is not only a bit more comfortable but also a champion where he can make the plays he knows how to make. If Spica is unable to have an effect on the game, TSM will lose nine times out of ten.

When looking at this matchup Spica will need to at least keep Blaber in check. He will need to constantly be thinking of where Blaber is in relation to himself. This will be important as he can setup counterganks or take objectives as Blaber makes his presence known. For TSM to win, Spica will have to play an integral part and be at his best. Josedeodo pales in comparison to Blaber for right now and Spica let him take over the game. Blaber can and will do this at will. Hopefully, Spica and TSM will recognize this and find themselves a way to give Spica the power to takeover the game himself with a strong pick that synergizes much better with his team than Taliyah did in game one.

Champions to Watch: Camille, Galio and Jarvan

Licorice put on a masterclass with Camille against TSM. He showed just how useless an ADC can be if Camille can get to her. Poor Lost never had a chance by the mid-game to do much other than farm. Fudge also has an excellent Camille and showed that to TSM and everyone during the Lock In tournament. Unless Huni really feels confident in playing her into Jax or playing Jax himself, which he has rarely done, it is best for TSM to just take her out with a ban. It feels too risky for them to even attempt to give her over to C9 in what is a pretty crucial early matchup for TSM.

Galio is a champion that can have an impact at any time and he is very strong in the current meta. TSM need to be aware of this and try to grab him for themselves. While neither PowerOfEvil nor SwordArt have played him much and have a combined 2-7 record on him, PoE 0-3, they still should try to bring him into their comps. For a team that is seemingly focused on getting ahead through a very strong macro gameplay, having a champion that can have an impact on the whole map at basically anytime should fit their style very well. SwordArt already played him once this year and probably had his best game of 2021 so far. He is able to roam while staying close to Lost due to his ult plus the shield helps whatever fight he gets into immensely. There are just too many good reasons for TSM not to make this a staple pick for themselves until teams start banning it from them.

Guess what champion pairs perfectly with Galio? Prince Jarvan, the fourth of his name. What is even better is that he is working his way into the meta and is a solid flex pick. His ultimate is extremely useful and to add to it, Spica is very good on him. This is another pick that TSM need to start paying more attention to. He is great for macro play as he can get around the map relatively easy and his ult can setup a Galio or really any champion for a quick death of their opponent. This is another very easy champion for TSM to work into their rotation and one that could be great for them against a tough opponent.

Prediction: C9 Wins

It is time to be honest, TSM are getting better but they just aren’t there yet and going up against what is a very strong C9 team won’t really help them at this time. TSM showed that they intend on playing an extremely macrocentric style of play and that is fantastic. Seriously, that was one of the most impressive displays of getting around the map and taking towers in the early game that has been seen in the LCS. Sadly their comp didn’t do much after that. For them to beat C9 they need to be able to take a portion of that, add in a dash of teamfighting and a whole lot of better and more cohesive picks in the draft. It is hard to see them doing this in just 24 hours.

That said, TSM did beat Cloud9 in arguably their best game of the season in game one of the Lock In tournament quarterfinals. This was also the game where SwordArt picked Galio for the one and only time so far in this early 2021 season. Coincidence? Anyways, TSM can win this game but they will need to really bring everything together and quickly. Also, they will need to make sure Zven and Blaber can’t just get to the late game with scaling picks for free.

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