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Preseason Changes for Season 10

Preseason Changes for Season 10

Each season of League of Legends brings something new and exciting for players to look forward to. The preseason is only a little over a month away, and huge changes are coming to Summoner’s Rift. All of these changes were announced during the League of Legends tenth anniversary live stream, and the video can be found here. The following are some of the important preseason changes for season 10 that have been revealed so far.

Dragon Changes

Preseason Changes for Season 10
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

The dragons are receiving a massive overhaul that will add new dimensions to the game, making each one a different experience than the last. Each dragon will have a unique effect that alters the layout of the map, and this is based on the third dragon that spawns. Once a team secures their fourth dragon of the game, they receive a soul. Souls provide a massive buff depending on the dragon that spawns. The Elder Dragon is also being changed, providing an execute and no longer scaling based off of the dragons the team has acquired.


The Infernal Drake will open up pathways around the dragon pit and buff camps if it’s the third dragon to spawn. The buff it provides remains the same, each team member gains a percentage increase on their attack damage and ability power. The Infernal soul causes attacks and damaging spells to produce an AOE explosion every three seconds.


More brushes and Honeyfruit plants will spawn if the Ocean Drake is the third to spawn The Ocean buff still regenerates extra health per second, but will no longer provide bonus mana regeneration. An Ocean soul will cause damage to trigger stronger health and resource regeneration for three seconds.


The Cloud Drake will spawn movement speed bonuses in the dragon pit and different parts of the jungle if it’s the third dragon. The buff from a Cloud Drake will no longer give bonus movement, but will instead provide bonus cooldown reduction for ultimate abilities. The soul from an Ocean Drake will cause abilities and attacks to lower the cooldowns of base abilities.


The Mountain Drake will spawn new walls to change the dynamics of jungle fights if it’s the third dragon. The Mountain buff will no longer grant additional damage against towers, monsters, and minions. The new buff will grant a percentage increase of armor and magic resistance. A soul from the Mountain Drake will grant a shield that refreshes after not taking damage for five seconds.


Item and Rune Changes

Preseason Changes for Season 10
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Spear of Shojin is an item that is being removed in season 10, which will affect champions like Renekton, Jax, and Riven. The passive from this item is likely the inspiration for the Cloud Drake soul. Ancient Coin is also being removed, however ranged champions will be able to execute minions with Targon’s Brace. There will also be AD and AP versions of both Targon’s Brace and Spellthief’s Edge. Sanguine Blade is a new Lethality item that grants bonus attack speed when no allies are nearby, which is useful for split-pushing. The Conqueror rune is having the true damage removed, Kleptomancy will be reworked to focus on elixirs more than gold, and Aftershock will be tuned to favor tanky champions.

Lane Changes

Preseason Changes for Season 10
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

A u-shaped section is being added to side lanes, offering an interesting route to escape ganks and even stall fights for team assistance. This shouldn’t have a large impact on the laning phase overall due to how far it is from the minion waves, but it provides a way to fight in lane without taking minion damage. Base minion experience is being increased, while the experience gained while near an ally is being reduced. This will favor the top and mid lane, so they can level faster and make plays on the map. This should significantly reduce the power and influence that the bottom lane is known for having.



These are just a few of the preseason changes for season 10 that have been revealed, and more are expected to come after testing on the PBE server. The changes to dragons in particular should greatly impact how games are played out, and the priority players place upon these objectives. The in-depth details about all of the planned changes can be found here.


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