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PowerOfEvil Officially Released from TSM

TSM PowerOfEvil

After just one year with TSM, Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage has been released from the org. This comes after a turbulent offseason and being allowed to explore opportunities. TSM released the statement in the form of the tweet below.

No Longer TSM PowerOfEvil:

The main question after a move like this is where PowerOfEvil could go? Well, thanks to some leaks, fans may already know. Immortals, after showing some interest in Jiizuke, have been the top contender. The leak seems to originate from Travis Gafford.  POE to Immortals seems to make a lot of sense on paper. It gives Xerxe room to still be an aggressive Jungler. And while it is true that POE and Spica never got to Bjerg Spica levels, it doesn’t mean that POE can’t work entirely with a Jungler who is aggressive. Xerxe having someone who is able to help him more in river fights should be a big help.

It also removes a point of potential exploitation. POE can lose lane, but he never ints the lane. This insurance per say on him is one of the main reasons so many teams feel confident picking POE up. This is his 5th LCS Franchise. Teams know what they are getting and that is fine.

What is Next for TSM:

As of now, there is nothing concrete for TSM this offseason besides Huni and Spica staying. It seems that TSM has tried to make a few deals, but they have not come through. Tactical to TSM seems to be the most consistent rumor being reported on by numerous outlets. For Mid Lane though, there seems to be many options. TSM has apparently reached out to a few LCK and LPL Mid Laners, but nothing has came of it. In addition, former LCS Mid Laners are still on the table including Jensen and Jiizuke. Once again, nothing is confirmed, but this is the leading speculation.

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