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Potential Landing Spots for Kobbe

After the recent acquisition of Doublelift, TSM will be looking to move Kobbe’s contract. Whether that is in a straight-up trade or just a buyout, it is extremely likely that Kobbe will be on a new team come Summer Split. There are a couple of major obstacles that TSM will have to get over in order to make it happen. Between the available import slots and travel restrictions due to COVID-19, trade partners are going to be limited. Keeping all of that in mind, here are the potential options for Kobbe to land.

Note: This is assuming that all the rosters stay as they are at the time of writing this article.


CLG Logo-Crown VIsa,Tuesday Start

It seems pretty clear that CLG are ready to move on from Stixxay after the team started Wind late into the season. Kobbe could be the answer the team is looking for. Especially, if they are potentially blowing the whole thing up. He may not have been outstanding on TSM but he was still solid all-around and was top five in most statistical categories. By adding Kobbe, CLG would have a consistent player who would not require many resources. For a team like CLG this would mean that they could become more top map focused and allow for Wiggly to have a much clearer path.

Also, they would be able to do what they did best during Summer Split last year, play through mid. While Pobelter may not be a top mid laner that PowerofEvil is, he is still good enough for the team to play through. If this strategy does not work out during some of their games then Kobbe would be there to be the late game teamfighter he is known to be. Having a backup plan like this would make CLG at least a bit more formidable and likely give them a chance at playoffs in the Summer. All of this is assuming that he wants to or has to stay in the LCS.

Misfits Gaming

While Bvoy was not bad, he certainly was the weakest link on Misfits by the end of the season. Part of the reason for this is that the team did not play through bot much. That said, Bvoy did not win lane often during the Spring and his positioning cost the team a number of times. Bringing in Kobbe would add a whole new dimension for Misfits. They could continue to play around Mid and Top while still having a solid bot side of the map. Misfits play a bit like TSM but the players are a lot less experienced other than Febiven. Kobbe would bring an added veteran presence that Misfits could definitely use. He has been playing most of the top bot lanes in the LEC for years and knows what it takes to keep up with them.

This Split though, he would hopefully be able to go back to being the late game monster he was with Splyce. This would give Misfits so many different ways to win compared to what they had with Bvoy.  If Kobbe is able to go back to Europe safely and the teams can make this deal happen then Misfits, who are based in Florida, need to be finding a way to bring on Kobbe.

Team Vitality

Vitality are desperately in need of help. This team not only looked lost most of the Split but it feels like most of their young players did not improve as much as the team hoped. Comp was particularly underperforming. Bringing in Kobbe would allow the team to have a true player to play around. Focusing on Cabochard was not exactly the best way to win games. Even when they tried to play through mid or bot, it was normally a disaster. While Vitality fans may be hoping that Selfie or Saken improve and reach their potential, getting a much more sure thing in Kobbe would help the team all that much more.

Kobbe would also become the star player for Team Vitality. This may be a bit of new pressure for him but he would definitely get the attention from Skeanz as they would become much more bot focused. Also, Jactroll knows how to have success in the LEC. He has helped this team to the playoffs and would be able to provide Kobbe with ample protection to allow him to get to work. While this wouldn’t be the best situation in terms of the team, Kobbe could have his chance to shine once more.

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