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Playoffs and Worlds, A Rogue Perspective

Playoffs and World's, A Rogue Perspective

Taking a look back at what occurred during the LEC Summer Split playoffs and looking at what may happen with Worlds now on the horizon, how will Rogue do? While playoffs did not end with the results Rogue fans would have liked, the team still has a spot at Worlds for the first time in organization history.

Playoffs, Rogue’s Performance

The first round of the LEC Summer Split playoffs that Rogue played could be best described as a drubbing of epic proportions. FNATIC, Rogue’s opponent, took what Rogue did normally and threw it back into their face. The lack of diversity in champion pool was a massive hindrance for Rogue in this series. However, this situation did not last for the rest of playoffs. They learned, they grew, and they adapted to the patch. Rogue brought out carry champions for Inspired and used them to great effect against MAD Lions. This locked Rogue for a worst case scenario of being the 3rd seed from Europe. But, G2 stood between them and finals. And in a back and forth series, Rogue came up short. They succumbed to the mass of talent that is G2’s roster. That locked Rogue into a Pool C slot at Worlds and a third seed overall.

Playoffs, World's, A Rogue Perspective

World’s, Rogue’s Best Case Scenario

With Playoffs over, only World’s remains for Rogue. Here’s a look at various scenarios that could play out in the draw show this coming Monday. First off, what would be the best situation for Rogue advancing passed the group stage? This scenario would be ending up with TSM as the 1st seed, DragonX or Suning as the Pool B team, Rogue would consist of the Pool C team. Lastly, a play-in team from a Wild Card Region. Looking at the matchup versus TSM, Rogue has an even or advantageous matchup in almost every role. The only role that one could say would favor TSM would be top lane. Finn is a coin flip at times so could be punished by TSM’s top centric play style. DRX and Suning, are two inconsistent teams that no one really knows what will we get from them. However, both teams play standard League which is precisely what Rogue wants. And a Wild Card team can make some noise, but Rogue would still be favored in that matchup.

World’s, Rogue’s Worst Case Scenario

The worst-case scenario for Rogue at World’s would see the team struggling to take a single game in groups. This group would entail of Damwon as the Pool A representative. For Group B, it would be JD Gaming. Rogue would fill as the Pool C team, and lastly, it would be Team Liquid from NA. Damwon’s solo lanes would, unfortunately, outclass Rogue’s, particularly in top lane. Not to mention the jungle disparity of Inspired versus Canyon. JD Gaming has Kanavi, arguably the best jungler in the world. Plus a team that caters to him and allows him to be the engine that makes the team go. While Rogue’s jungle-mid synergy is pretty good, doubts remain as to whether they can contend with Kanavi and Yagao. Lastly, Team Liquid, despite being a NA team, they are a World’s participant previously. On paper, Liquid plays a very similar style to Rogue which could lead to problems. However, a crucial advantage to Rogue in that matchup exists in the jungle matchup. Broxah, while having a strong reputation at World’s, has been struggling mightily in Summer and playoffs in particular. This could mean Inspired could have a field day and be the deciding factor in that matchup.


Playoffs and World’s, a Rogue perspective, takes a look at what Rogue went through in the LEC Summer Split playoffs. As well as taking a look forward to what could be waiting for the team at World’s. The patch and form of the team is promising. But Rogue still needs individual improvements if they want to truly contend at World’s. Anything can happen with the group draw. However, one thing is certain, Rogue will not go down without a fight.

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